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Due to the rapid pace of innovation within the industry, the digital marketing landscape is subject to constant change. As a result, digital marketing professionals must be able to quickly adapt their existing strategies while also developing new and innovative strategies of their own.


At QASymphony, the pace of innovation is so palpable that its influence is felt by team members in each and every department. As a result, the digital marketing team is responsible for more than just the creation of new and innovative strategies; it must also keep pace with the software testing tools and test case management innovation taking place throughout the many other departments housed within QA Symphony’s Atlanta offices.


Although most professionals in the digital marketing industry understand the necessity of possessing such a diverse and innovative skill set, there are still a number of questions commonly posed by clients as well as industry peers. The unique challenges faced by QA Symphony’s digital marketing team make them especially qualified to offer their insight and expertise regarding some of the most common questions posed by their industry peers as well as those that make up QA Symphony’s diverse client base.


The questions and answers that follow represent just a small sampling of some of the most common questions digital marketers encounter in their profession. Despite the relatively small sample size, each of the following questions and answers help to clearly illustrate the impact of the rapid pace of innovation in the digital marketing field while also providing important insight and guidance regarding the most effective tools and analytical methodologies currently available to B2B companies and digital marketers.


Which digital tools are most effective when utilized by B2B companies?

Above all else, B2B companies must recognize how important it is to utilize digital tools based on the specific goals and objectives each individual company is trying to achieve. In the overwhelming majority of circumstances, companies that incorporate a broad array of digital tools into their approach to marketing are more likely to enjoy consistently outstanding results.


At QASymphony, for example, our marketing efforts have earned a great deal of praise for the innovative and cohesive approach in which our campaigns have consistently succeeded in raising awareness and generating new leads through the use of all available channels and mediums. These same campaigns have also been able to stimulate substantial growth within the company pipeline while simultaneously enhancing revenue.


What is the best strategy for reaching an ideal target market?

The best strategy for reaching a company’s ideal target market naturally begins with a clear definition of the target market. It is too often the case that a company’s target market is either ill-defined or overly broad, which is inherently inefficient and places severe limitations on the overall effectiveness of any digital marketing campaign.


What is the most effective way to analyze and evaluate a digital marketing campaign’s reach?

Although plenty of data analytics are available for determining the overall effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign, conversion rate is still the most salient measure of digital marketing efficacy. Quite a few benchmarks are also useful in determining the efficacy and overall reach of an individual campaign, but selecting the most relevant benchmarks to incorporate will largely depend on the digital marketing campaign’s primary goals and objectives.


How should a digital marketing budget be allocated to ensure the best possible ROI?

Budgetary allocation is best determined on a case-by-case basis, as a multitude of factors should be considered when investing in a digital marketing campaign. Of course, clearly defined goals and objectives will make it much easier to determine how to approach a digital marketing campaign in a manner that yields the greatest possible return on investment.

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