How Graphic Design Choices Can Inform Your Audience

Graphic Design Choices


Graphic design is everything, because aesthetics is what gets us to pursue and develop quality products. Big brands and companies like Apple would probably not reach the level of success they had if it weren’t for the stellar degree of their design taste. Who can deny the sleek look and feel of those first iPhones? In many ways, graphic design will dictate how people view your business.


Every angle, color, frame, or design element you use in your business will determine how people see you, your services, and products. From your company’s social media presence and pages to the products themselves, getting your graphics right can influence a lot more than you might think.


Tone of Brand

Have you ever wondered how a particular company chooses yellow over red, black over blue or green over white in their chosen color palettes? A lot of it has to do with color psychology. Certain colors and specific shades can draw out certain emotions and ideas. It will determine how the tone of your company will translate to the minds of an audience. Color psychology in graphic design is complex, and choosing the right tone or color that reflects the mood, image, and tone you set for your company’s image will matter a lot. While primary colors are often associated with children and juvenile things, when used in certain shades and settings, these same colors can draw on a totally different tone or emotion.


Color Emotions

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There’s a conscious decision for many companies or brands to use an original typography. When a graphic design element wants to impart a fun image, some fonts or typography won’t be able to do it. Not all fonts are created equal, and the decision to choose the best kind of font for an individual graphic element will determine the image of the brand.


Web design services should be able to give a full array of typography options for various clients, including corporate firms, churches, and local community groups. Mastering the technique of using the perfect font for a particular graphics element will do wonders to the image of the company promoted.


Level of Complexity

There are levels of complexity within graphic design and the type of content you use. The tricky ones include infographics that detail everything a company wants to convey or share to its audience. A simpler one might be a social media meme that is accessible even to the most undiscriminating audience. A company’s graphics decision regarding how complicated or simple they want to impart the information about their business will determine the type of people, market, and demographic reached for the company’s marketing.


In conclusion, graphic design choices dictate the image of a company. Whether a brand wants a conservative or aggressive image for its services, its visual design approach will have a lot to do with the success.



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