Online Outreach: How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Business

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If you have a business today, you need to be online. This is an absolute truth that can’t be refuted. However, it’s not enough to just have an online presence. You also need to have a worthwhile presence that brings people to your business and spreads the word around well. Social media is the most important part of your internet presence.


Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram need to be utilized as much as possible. They are wildly popular, which means you will have lots of competition. If you can use it successfully, you can go far. Here are four tips on how to use social media effectively.


Be Inspiring

Social media is all about marketing your business. Think of the best ad campaigns of all-time. Many of them lean on inspirational images and stories in order to tell a story that draws customers in. You can use social media as an opportunity to warm hearts. There doesn’t need to be negativity in your advertising. Customers will appreciate you showing why your company is worthwhile, rather than disparaging others.


Nu Skin Pinterest


For an example of this, look at the online marketing of Nu Skin. Through their Pinterest page, they give great information, tell stories, and have beautiful visuals as well. Those who are interested in skin care are sure to be drawn to their business.

Be Active

Starting social media accounts isn’t enough. You also need to be as involved as possible. Make sure that you’re updating your pages as often as possible. They should not fall by the wayside to the point that people forget about it and your business. You don’t want to spam peoples’ newsfeeds with unnecessary information and updates, but you should be as active as possible.


If your business is big enough, you should look into starting a social media coordinator position. This will allow one person to handle all the social media accounts. Therefore, it will prevent you from having to burden yourself with more work than you can reasonably handle.


Post Interesting Things

You want your social media posts to be two things: relevant and interesting. They should apply to your business, but they should also be relevant to your customers and potential customers. If you’re just spamming uninteresting updates, people are just going to glaze over your posts. You should offer them exciting deals and promotions.


It’s also important for you to be as lively as possible. You don’t want your posts to be overly dry, as this will make your business seem very dull. However, you should use some restraint. This largely depends on what kind of business you run. If you run an accounting firm, you’ll have to be more serious than you would if you were running a local bar.


Engage with People

Social media is a terrific way to engage in conversation with your customers. The comments sections is a place for them to ask questions and offer their opinions. You should try to reply to as many of these as possible.


There might be some people issuing complaints in their comments. You can reply to these as well, but you should make sure to be as civil as possible. Don’t engage with anyone who is clearly trying to get a rise out of you and spreading false information. You want to use your power of conversation wisely.


We hope this has given you a great idea of how social media can make or break your business. As a business owner, you need to spread word of what you do as well as possible. With quality social media, that is certainly achievable.

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