How To Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

Customer Experience


Not a single business in the world can survive without happy and satisfied customers. You make customers happy by offering them a great experience. And you offer them a great experience by delivering them quality products and customer service.


Why customer experience and happy customers are important for a business? It is because they talk about the experience and how they feel about your brand with their near and dear ones. In short, they do the word of mouth for you, and make an indirect effort to bring you more customers.


So, if a customer had a bad experience while buying from your ecommerce store or using a product they bought from your website recently, imagine the harm they could do to your brand image through their negative remarks.


From a customer standpoint, reviews are a great tool that helps buyers decide, whether they should buy from you. One negative feedback can push many potential buyers away from your eCommerce store. That is why it is important to always stay on your feet and watch out for new trends related to customer experienceAnother important thing is doing surveys to research your customers, so check out Survey Cool.



This post attempts to underline some of the ways you can improve customer experience on your ecommerce website –


Develop Fast, Simple and Easy To Use Website 

Apart from products, an ecommerce website should have a fast and simple processing. From homepage to internal pages and from navigation to checkout process – everything on your website should load quickly and be easy to work with.


If your website or pages take forever to load, no one would like to be on it. Even if you manage to gain traffic on your website, it would be difficult for you to stop visitors from leaving and convince them to convert. Additionally, slow loading website and pages do not get a high rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).


Here is what you have to center on while developing a smooth, user-friendly, and search engine friendly ecommerce website –


  • Shorter page load speed
  • Simple Navigation menu
  • Mobile responsive website design
  • Rich product display and informative product description
  • Easy to understand shopping cart design
  • Allowing guest checkout (without forcing visitors to create a sign-up)
  • Quick and simple possible checkout process
  • Secure payment option
  • Providing info on how to contact customer care (should be clearly mentioned)


Put Easy Digestible Content 

ECommerce is all about rich, well-organized visual content. There is not much space for text on ecommerce. Giving too much of textual information is never advisable on ecommerce, because it will be difficult for a user to digest a heavy amount of text.


Instead, focus on providing all the essential information through high quality images, just like does.


Customer Experience


They use relevant and attractive icons to tell their visitors that they deliver worldwide and offer free shipping on orders above $75. Wow!!


Try to organize text content and product descriptions in a visually appealing way. Never use a sentence, if you can deliver your message in a few words.


Similarly, you can show information about your product.


Product Strategy

To make sure that your marketing and sales work well in the long run, you will need to work on your product strategy too. If there is no product strategy at all, no matter how effective your marketing strategies are, they are not going to yield anything.


An effective product strategy includes, but is not limited to –


  • The price of the product
  • The quantity of the product for the said price
  • The audience (everything about them, such as their age, location, gender, likes, dislikes, and preferences)
  • The competitors’ offerings, and
  • The medium of promotion (print, electronic, digital, or social)


You might want to add or remove certain factors in or from this list, based on your products and the age group of your exact audience. Here also, you will need to work closely with your industrial designers and manufacturing team, taking care of the negative feedbacks received from customers.


In addition to that, product strategy on ecommerce should include use of high quality product images, how-to videos, and informative description that is crisp and precise.


Build Your Own Online Community 

Since ecommerce takes place online, you should explore more ways to find new customers online. You can use digital marketing to generate traffic and gain new customers. For this, you can make use of free and paid channels of digital marketing.


You could also try social media marketing that gives you several added advantages; such as: free marketing tool, paid ads, and organic and paid ads analytics.


Social media is the most crowded place on earth. It is like a jam-packed market place, where you can display your ads and build a community, where you can feely communicate with your audiences and customers. It also gives you a chance to deliver high-level customer experience by resolving the issues your visitors or customers are facing while using your website or products. This way, social media help you build trust and gain more attention online.


Don’t Forget Emails 

Emails are still not an old-school practice. They still have relevance. They are still a decent way to connect with your audience and build a positive impression and content the unsatisfied customers.


If the issue is so broad that it cannot be discussed on social, you can definitely resolve it on email. You can send personalized emails for special days of your customers (for example their birthdays and festivals). Through these emails, you gain trust – and with that, a chance of sale. You can use birthday mailers and festive emails to send customized offers to your customers.


And when building your email marketing campaigns, make certain that your emails are bold, clear, short, and snappy.


Reminder: Even if it is not a promotional email, even if it is an email from customer support, it should be able to deliver the right message clearly.


Bottom Line 

Offer free shipping. Customers love the word free. Even if you can’t deliver next day, if the shipping charges are free (or lowest possible), the ball is still in your court.


Next, you will need to keep the “Add to Cart” and “My Cart” buttons easy to locate on your website. Not just that, adding to or removing from cart options should also be simple.


Last but not the least, do not leave a customer after he has made a purchase. Remember, you can always encourage them to repurchase from you through your social and email campaigns. But, don’t get too promotional.

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