How To Get Famous On TikTok Using Proven Tactics From Instagram



If you’re up to date with the world of social media, you, like most others, are probably wondering how to get famous on TikTok. The video creation app has taken the internet by storm, and people all over the world are doing their very best to make it big and create viral content.


If you want to take your brand’s social media to the next level, check out these five tips on how to get famous on TikTok.


1. Partner With Influencers

There’s no question about it – social media influencers have taken over the world right now. So, if you want to get your product or brand name noticed – on any platform – influencers are pretty much your golden ticket to recognition.


TikTok is no exception to that rule, so when you ask us how to get famous on TikTok, influencer collaborations are our number one answer. Even if the D’Amelios aren’t your next door neighbors, there are ways for you to get connected with TikTok influencers. If you want to be hooked up with a TikTok influencer for your next campaign, try checking out a site like Influence Grid. Here, you can search a database of thousands of influencers and even apply filters to narrow your search based on their follower counts, engagement rates, and more.


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Once you find an influencer who you think would be a good partner for your campaign, you can start the process of getting in touch with them. The database lists TikTok influencers with various following sizes and engagement rates, so you can find the influencers who would be the best match for your campaigns.


Having an influencer promote your business or product on TikTok is a key factor in a successful campaign. TikTok has grown in popularity with a wide range of demographics, meaning that there is a niche for just about everyone on the app.


Since TikTok is popular with all kinds of people, and influencers have the attention of just about everyone on the app (and on the internet in general), it’s a great idea to collaborate with a TikTok influencer. They’ll promote your brand through challenges, dances, hashtags, and more.


2. Use Viral Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the primary driving forces behind the popularity of videos on TikTok. TikTok is known for its scarily-accurate algorithm that ensures that users scroll through a tailor-made For You Page, and hashtags play a big role in this.


The key to getting your videos seen, and another answer to how to get famous on TikTok, is using viral hashtags, specifically. On TikTok, viral hashtags often arise from challenges or accompany popular audios or dances that everyone is trying. So, you’ll need to join the trend and pop the hashtag into the caption. Whether this means representing your product while trying out a TikTok dance, or simply using a generic viral hashtag, you’re sure to see some success from using the hashtag.


Not only do these viral hashtags have a good chance of getting you onto some For You Pages, but people also spend time searching for hashtags and scrolling through the results. People can spend hours at a time scrolling through videos that contain a viral hashtag – make sure your video is one of them!


Currently, the top viral hashtags include #explorepage, #explore, #trending and #like. Using these hashtags typically garners thousands of views.


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3. Hop On Popular Trends

TikTok is, in many ways, ruled by trends and challenges. There is essentially a revolving door of TikTok trends, and you have to hop on each one quickly before it fades from popularity. But, if you can manage to keep up with it all, joining TikTok trends is a great example of how to get famous on TikTok. TikTok trends ebb and flow rapidly, and there’s always a new style of video to be created based on the latest “big thing” on the app.


Oftentimes, TikTok trends take the form of dances. A dance trend on TikTok is typically accompanied by a particular song that has a set of moves that everyone does the same way. Another common trend on TikTok is what is known as a challenge. TikTok challenges take on many forms, and most videos that are created as part of the challenges end up with funny results. Sometimes, these challenges include pulling pranks on other people, telling funny jokes to your friends, or creating an original audio that follows a particular format.


For example, a recent trend had users create videos of themselves saying “If you’re gonna call me _____, you better put ______ in front of it. My way or the highway!” This originated from something a celebrity said in an Instagram video, and it led to a wildly popular trend.


If you want to make sure you’re up to date with the most popular content on TikTok and keep your account relevant, make sure you’re following all the latest trends and contributing to them. But make sure you don’t wait too long to join a trend. They’re often over as quickly as they started, and you don’t want to miss out.


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4. Follow And Engage With Accounts In Your Niche

If you’re reading about how to get famous on TikTok, then it’s safe to assume that accounts similar to yours are doing the same. Everyone wants to go viral, so why not take advantage of the fact that we’re all in this together?


Being engaged with accounts in your niche is a crucial marketing strategy for multiple reasons. First of all, the more accounts you follow in your niche, the more accounts see your brand name. And, the more engaged you are, the more curiosity you will garner about your business. When you are active with accounts similar to your own, these other accounts will notice the stream of likes and comments coming from you. This will lead them to check out your account, and, before you know it, the name of your business is well known within your niche on TikTok.


Partnerships And Contests


Being engaged with fellow accounts in your niche can also lead to brand partnerships and collaborations that can end up being extremely profitable for you. As you network through TikTok, you can build relationships with similar accounts. As these relationships grow and develop, you may end up wanting to partner with another brand to create a challenge or product, or even do a giveaway.


Partnered giveaways among brands are a great way to make sales and gain lots of recognition for your account. Typically in a TikTok giveaway, participants will be required to create a video following certain guidelines or criteria, tag the brands involved in the giveaway, follow the brands, and share posts from the brands.


This means that you and the brand you collaborate with will be shared on TikTok by everyone who chooses to enter your giveaway. And, the more people who see posts about your account, the more followers and recognition you will acquire. Because everyone will be seeing posts about your product, this will hopefully lead to a boost in sales for you.


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5. Be Personable

How to get famous on TikTok? Be authentic. People are going to enjoy engaging with your account more if it feels personable and approachable. There are a lot of ways to be “real” on TikTok, and they all will help you to better connect with users and eventually boost your following.


Post Tutorials


One way to engage with followers is by posting tutorials. This often relates to selling products when it comes to brand management. For example, if you are promoting a new kitchen tool, you should post a video explaining to users how it works. In this video, make a popular dish that a lot of people would enjoy eating, to show that you’re on the same level as the users who will be viewing your video.


Explain the product in easy-to-understand terms, and show how it can be used in people’s everyday lives. It’s important to help people understand that your brand is relatable and your products are applicable to their lives. This will help you connect with users, as well as encouraging them to purchase your product.


Film An Introductory Video


You can also post “get to know me” videos, or have members of your brand take turns doing account takeovers on various days. These can be short introduction videos to help followers gain an understanding of who is part of the team behind your business. Alternately, you could create a series of videos to give users a more in-depth understanding of who you are as a creator and as a member of your company.


These videos are great for engagement, and they work wonders when it comes to creating connections with users. Never underestimate this – connecting with followers leads them to trust your brand and your products, which is a recipe for success.


Behind The Scenes Videos


You can also post behind the scenes videos of how things run at your company. If you work in an office, you can give tours, introduce members of various teams around the office, and show what a “day in the life” looks like at your company. Or, if you work as part of a remote team, you can have members of each team individually upload behind the scenes videos of their at-home office space and explain what the work-from-home lifestyle looks like for them.


These behind-the-scenes-style videos are a fun way to bring followers into your business and help them connect with your brand. And, as we said already, this sort of connection can do wonders for your business.


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Time To Get Famous

So there you have it, our five top tips for how to get famous on TikTok, using proven tactics from Instagram. Now you know our secrets, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and partner with influencers, use viral hashtags, join some hot trends, engage with accounts in your niche, and let your followers get to know you.


We hope these tips are helpful to you on your journey to TikTok stardom. If they are, come back and let us know – we would love to hear the results after you try out our tips!

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