5 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Instagram

instagram business growth


Social media marketing flourishes on Instagram, which has over a billion monthly users. Apart from the sheer numbers, the fact that Instagrammers are shoppers turning to social media for references works well in your favor. 


So, using Instagram for small business is the next big thing. If you’re only getting started, let’s review some of the best strategies to apply.


Make a Business Account

Marketing has to keep your audience in the center, not yourself. Instagram for any business is a fantastic tool, and you should hop on the bandwagon.


Note: To make yourself seem more human and relatable, you can link the personal account in the bio.


Optimizing Your Business Account

The bio is an essential part of your business account. It’s the only place where you can place the clickable link to your store or landing page. 


Make it catchy and actionable. You’re seeking to inform potential followers that the content you’ll bring to their feeds is valuable and engaging while also concisely describing your service. 


Avoid an overly promotional tone in your bio. Craft a text that appeals to the platform you’re on, and leave the keywords for your text posts. The only SEO-related element to include is your niche’s hashtag.


hash tag


Moreover, focus on branding. The key is to keep your posting recognizable and related to your business, from the username you choose to the profile picture.


Monitor Your Niche

Networking on Instagram isn’t that difficult when you find your niche, as people are already looking for profiles like yours.


Hashtags are a fantastic way for people to connect through shared interests. This trend can work for you. Examine and get in on the relevant hashtags to grow the community through in-app connections. 


The best way to stay up-to-date is by following the biggest brands in your industry. You can also keep an eye on the people who fit your target demographics. 


These accounts will often follow you back, giving you a chance to engage with them meaningfully.


Post Engaging Content

Images are Instagram’s bread and butter, so you should make yours pop. Keep the design and relevance high-quality and valuable to your customers.


While writing for your profile, take advantage of calls to action in your descriptions, comments, and, most importantly, bio. Direct people to your home page and tell (or show) them what they’ll get from clicking on the link. 


Bonus Strategies

You could also take advantage of guest posters. It works exceptionally well with industry experts, which adds credibility to your brand. For example, have a live chat with a big name in the community you’re targeting. 


Another thing you could capitalize on is people’s love for gifts. If you sell products, reward people who engage with your brand the most. If your business revolves around services, you could team up with another account in the same niche – bonus points for networking.


Post Regularly

A consistent posting schedule is a must, as people work with companies they trust. If you’re too busy, there are many services for posting on social media, letting you schedule daily content in a batch. 


Note: Use the analytics from your business account to find the best times for posts, and use the info.


Apart from your regularly scheduled daily posts, get in on Instagram Stories and live videos. Here, you can go a bit more casual and breathe life into your brand.


When it comes to stories, organize them into logical categories below your bio for new followers to see.


Stay Genuine

Finally, one of the crucial strategies has to do with a road you shouldn’t go down if you want to stay genuine. Never buy followers


Social media is all about building relationships, and if you do so dishonestly, people will quickly pick up on it. Instead, use the ethical way to generate a following, even if it’s slower. 


The Bottom Line

If you don’t have enough time to engage with all social media marketing forms, Instagram is the way to go. Create the account, make it high-quality, and engage with your audience. Your business will reap the rewards that are ten times worth the trouble. 


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