Digital Workspaces And Beyond: How To Create A Google Intranet

Digital Workspaces


Everyone is familiar with the internet. It’s a marvelous invention that has revolutionized many of our daily work activities. Google has its roots as a search engine for the internet but has evolved into so much more. The internet can keep us connected to the world, and an intranet could provide enhanced communication and collaboration between a company’s team members.


With the world changing to more remote ways of working and doing business, solutions had to be created to adapt to this transformation. Bringing new changes into an already established work method could be challenging, but with the following how-to tips, the integration could be smooth sailing.


Why The Google Intranet Is Beneficial


  • Tried And Tested Technology


With the increase of Google users, numerous applications have been created to collaborate with the Workspace and other Google features. The interconnectivity of applications is a huge benefit to businesses as they could easily access various functions and connect them all.


  • One Secure Login


Google provides one login where all applications can be accessed from there. This saves time and effort for employees within the company, especially if they use multiple features like Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Calendar, and the rest of the Workspace applications.


  • Unlimited Data Storage


Having a shareable document between departments makes it easier for employees within the same company to access important data. Managers could check documents uploaded by employees online, saving time and money.


  • Enhanced Communication


Members within the same organization could effectively communicate even if they’re not in the same office building. A quick note here, an email there, or a team meeting on Google Meet makes electronic communication as quick as the real-life version.


  • Quick And Easy Usage


With Google Sites, users don’t need to have extensive training to operate the applications. Google made their applications user-friendly so more users would be able to comfortably set up an intranet solution no matter the company’s size.


What You Would Need

  • Completely set up local area network (LAN)
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Webserver
  • Web browser
  • Design for your intranet
  • Security software
  • Enough storage space


How To Set Up The Google Intranet


  1. Set up a LAN for the office


Connect computers and other digital devices that’d need to be connected. If no connections are available on the computers, network interface cards (NICs) should be installed on the computer motherboard to create the needed port. The connecting cables can be plugged in when the ports are available and the LAN is completed.


  1. Create a VPN for the network


This is the network that all employees, even the remote workers, would connect to. The VPN is the platform that hosts all the connected devices.


  1. Find a web server


A web server is a computer you could use to install the software needed to run all the functions of the intranet. It could be one computer equipped to handle multiple connections. This central point would be where all the other devices would access the network or intranet.


  1. Choose a web browser


The web browser used when setting up a Google intranet would naturally be Google. Using Google as the web browser would ensure that all other applications on your intranet are easily compatible.


  1. Design the company intranet


The intranet would have to be designed as a webpage where employees would click on the various functions they’d use throughout the day. Luckily, Google Sites makes this task easy with no programming knowledge needed. Adding commonly used applications like a calendar, company documents, or a message section would be helpful to employees. Remember to add a menu to every page to make for quick navigation.


  1. Have up-to-date security measures


Installing and implementing good quality security applications would secure sensitive company data. Roles could be set up for employees where specific areas of the intranet could be restricted for use by only certain employees.


  1. Make regular backups


There’s nothing worse than losing an important document or even whole batches of data halfway through working with it. Ensure that there’s enough storage space available that can be dedicated to making a backup of company data daily, weekly, or monthly, according to your needs. The storage should preferably be external and not on the same server or computer to ensure that you have a recoverable option should you need it.


  1. Install antivirus software


Because the intranet and its users are exposed to the internet and files that might contain viruses are shared among users, upload antivirus software to your network that’ll scan the system for viruses. The antivirus software should be updated frequently as many new viruses may infect the whole network if not maintained on the latest copy of the software.


  1. Encourage and train employees


Show employees where all the documents and applications can be found. They’d need to know how to use the intranet to be productive and efficient. The various Google applications can be used from this platform, and employees would have to see the benefits of having everything together in one easy-to-use intranet workspace. Team members can access the company intranet from their mobile devices, which means getting hold of the information they need is easily accessed anywhere.


Maintaining The Intranet

With a Google intranet, companies can grow without being restricted by the software. There are numerous add-on solutions for companies to use as well.


Maintaining the intranet should be done regularly to ensure that everything operates smoothly. Employees should update the software on their computers regularly, and employers should do the same for the software on the server. Luckily, this function has been automated by Google to ensure that companies are never left in the dark regarding the latest additions and corrections.


To Conclude

Using Google for an intranet makes it a freely available, interchangeable, and convenient technology for businesses. With all the add-ons and integrated applications, Google could be seen as a one-stop-shop for intranet solutions. Companies need a secure platform to conduct their business safely, and Google provides this assurance and more.


Setting up a Google intranet could be easier than anticipated, and they’ve made it uncomplicated for users. Google is a versatile application that proves not to break the bank, and in these stressful times, it gives companies one less thing to worry about.


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