4 Types Of Marketing AI Technologies In 2022

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Carrying out marketing activities in a dynamic business world can be challenging. And today, it’s almost impossible to market effectively without modern marketing tools. Marketing Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, for instance, are innovative, intelligent tools that can make automated decisions and recommendations. In fact, AI tools have been reliable in automating several essential business tasks while maintaining accuracy. 


It’s 2022, and you shouldn’t hesitate to use intelligent tools like Marketing AI technologies to leverage seamless marketing strategies. 


What Are Marketing AI Technologies?

Essentially, these modern marketing tools utilize the power of artificial intelligence to boost customer engagement, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction levels. Marketing AI tools can also provide businesses with better efficiency that could lead to time and cost savings, improved customer conversion, and profitability. For instance, you can use them to forecast business performance or spot current trends to make any essential changes for a successful marketing campaign.


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We’ll now dive into the different types of marketing AI technologies, how your business can use cases of such tools, and how they can influence your marketing strategies.


Content Creation Tools


Marketing AI technologies can positively impact content creation by offering data-based content insights and reliable client feedback. This can come in handy, especially since content marketing plays a critical marketing role today.


With the growing number of internet users who depend on social media to make buying decisions, improving your social media engagement becomes critical. Marketing AI technologies can help improve social media engagements by, among others, enabling optimal scheduling of draft social media posts. As a result, high rates of social media engagements contribute to increased website traffic and improved web rankings.  


In addition, content creation tools can also help you create better-customized emails and web copies that increase conversions. Marketing AI technologies can empower email campaigns by:


  • Intelligently writing email subject lines that inspire your readers to act. 
  • Personalizing your email content to suit different people
  • Restructuring email campaigns using historical data
  • Optimizing send times for excellent engagement
  • Cleaning your contact lists to only maintain active clients


Professionally curated content often leads to high content engagement ensuring consistent client activity on your social media platforms. 




More than 73% of artificial intelligence tools deployed by businesses today are customer service related. Chatbots, for instance, are digital assistants that aim to boost client engagement, improve conversion rates, and enhance a brand’s credibility through prompt customer service when none of your staff is online to answer customers’ queries or attend to their messages.


Moreover, such a marketing AI tool’s purpose is to create better communication between a business and its clients, helping them understand their customers better. For instance, through a chatbot, you can know your client’s pain points. Such insights can be valuable in aiding you in making business decisions and improving your services or products.


Intelligent chatbots are also becoming less mechanical and enabling higher levels of personalized communication. This can contribute to the development of more targeted solutions for different sets of audiences. These robotic customer service attendants have brought considerable changes in the marketing field by offering reliable help and assistance on a 24-hour basis.


Predictive Analytics Tools


Predictive analytics is shaping the marketing industry as innovative tools continue to use algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data that enable data-driven marketing decisions. These tools can provide rich clients and market information that can enable you to remain steps ahead of your clients and competitors. 


Marketing AI technologies also use statistical tools to predict the future, analyze customer behavior, and analyze competitor insights. This can be to your advantage since you can use such analytic tools for more informed media planning and marketing decisions. 


AI Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


SEO is one of the effective practices that aims to boost a website’s visibility, promote organic traffic, and potentially increase sales today. This can be done through keyword research, content-linking, and SERP analysis, among others. You can also optimize SEO tools to optimize your content on blog posts and social media posts.


But to further push your SEO efforts toward success, you can utilize the power of AI. AI tools can be effective in helping you gather and analyze data that can be valuable for strengthening your SEO strategies. It can also aid in keyword search and content creation.


Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a small or big enterprise, marketing AI technologies have you covered. Such tools can boost your marketing activities even on a tight budget. Marketing AI tools know what your customers need and can help you uncover trends or customer insights for better advertising.


And as marketing continues to evolve, it would be best to embrace modern technologies to propel your company’s online marketing success.

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