How To Promote a Mobile Application To Get As Many Customers As Possible?

app store optimization


You have developed a mobile application, and now all you have to do is wait for the downloads. In reality, it’s not that simple. There is a high chance that your product is not unique; there are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar apps on the market. 


You need to stand out from the competitors, and this is where ASO comes into play. However, it is important to cooperate with an app store optimization company, as this is the only way to get qualified help and results.


What Is ASO?

ASO is an acronym that stands for App Store Optimization. It means a set of actions aimed at optimizing an application and promoting it in well-known stores. It can be compared to all known SEO methods. But there, we have a website as an object of promotion and a search engine in which the resource is promoted. In the case of ASO, we optimize the mobile application.


What Are the Differences Between ASO and SEO?

When working with a website, SEO specialists try to improve its search ranking. This ultimately ensures an influx of traffic and increased profits. The goal of ASO is to improve the app’s position in the store for key phrases. This is what the two similar instruments have in common.


There are still more differences in ASO operations:


  • Store search works a little differently because the person knows what app they need to find.
  • Only a certain number of characters are included in the metadata.
  • The algorithms of the App Store and Google Play also have differences. They relate to the specifics of the search, the visual display of results, the type of fields being indexed, etc.


Let’s talk more about the differences between stores. For example, Google Play indexes using artificial intelligence. What is indicated in the name and description only gives a small direction to the system, and it independently selects the keys. In addition, Google can inflect words and work with synonyms and translations.


The App Store is more primitive. The service also puts together phrases from individual words and turns the singular into plural, but with declensions and translation, everything is complicated. 


That is why, when working with this system, it is necessary to use keywords specifically in those cases in which they are used in search phrases. Otherwise, you will lose a considerable share of customers.


Benefits of App Store Optimization

People usually search for apps in the search field rather than through selections and recommendations. They mostly download apps from the first positions in the search results. For this reason, Netpeak Agency specialists are trying to bring the app to the top positions. App Store Optimization provides many benefits:


  • Increases the visibility of applications in stores. Even the highest-quality and most unique app will be ranked low if it is not promoted.
  • It helps find users who are interested in downloading and using the application. That is, a person will not delete it a couple of minutes after downloading.
  • Ensures the growth of organic, stable downloads. This is good for the long-term promotion of the product.


In addition, optimization allows you to reduce the cost of attracting traffic and, at the same time, increase profits, which is due to the steady growth of downloads.

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