How To Stay Ahead Of Search Algorithm Changes



Every once in a while the search engines will go through an algorithm change with their search engines really get everyone all rowdy while disrupting the news sources. You can’t blame them because typically the change is either closing up a loop hole or making things a little bit better for the user. Very rarely does an algorithm change make a negative impact on user experience and at the end of the day the user is the most important part of the equation not really the marketers. There are ways to stay ahead of those pesky algorithm changes you just have to be willing to do things the right way and be patient with your online marketing efforts.


Here are some ways to stay ahead of the algorithm changes so you don’t see your website crumble in the rankings.


Think More Marketing Less Trickery


Honestly if you are still trying to figure out the latest and greatest loop holes in search your website is doomed long term. You can’t grow a business online from pouncing on search loop holes. You build a business online by being a good marketer and thing out side of the box and always getting creative with your exposure.


Build Your Brand


If you follow search engine news you will know that there has been a great deal of chatter over the last few years especially from Google about brand & trust building making a strong impact on rankings. Branded hyperlinks are slowly starting to generate more power than keyword hyperlinks and this is a direction that things are heading whether you like it or not. Brands are starting to get more attention that just single SEO’d web pages.


Rankings Alone Don’t Build Success


If you focus on nothing else but rankings you will never grow a successful company, guaranteed. You have to be willing to explore the social community and take part in online conversations along with good solid business building activities to grow your business online into the future.


Stay Away From the Black


The phrase “black hat” should not even be in your vocabulary. Black hat “marketing” (And I use that term loosely) is nothing more than a short winded spurt of visibility followed by years and years of pain and anguish. Not to mention black hat techniques are the reason the algorithm changes typically occur in the first place!! Stay away at all costs.


Follow Search Guidelines


Have you taken the time to review the search guidelines lately? They offer really great information on how to market a website online safely. When you follow guidelines you tend to avoid the pitfalls of the algorithm changes. Sure things take longer but it sure is fun to see things ramping up when you take a quality approach to marketing a business online. There is nothing better than writing a good solid article or press release and seeing solid traffic and movement from that writing piece. The article is just an example but I think you get the picture.

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