Fashion Marketing On The Internet

Fashion Marketing


There are a lot of clothing lines out there and many do not really have a good understanding on how to market themselves online properly. SEO can work to a point but it really won’t be the driving force to bring in traffic to a website. It really does requires a little of everything especially with a strong emphasis on social media marketing. Whether it is a t-shirt business or a high designer clothing line a full force internet marketing approach is truly needed to get things started. Let’s go over some fashion marketing tips.


Here is how you can push your clothing product in the online space:




Yes search engine optimization will not be the driving force unless you are a regionally targeted sports clothing brand but there should be some keywords you can fit into your website that might loosely touch upon the demographic you are targeting. If you have a urban type brand of clothing use urban keywords. Think about your demographic that is buying your clothing and put yourself in their shoes and start doing some keyword research surrounding that. Some organic search traffic is better than nothing.




Research any clothing brands that might have similar attributes to yours and start following all their followers on Twitter. Over time people will start to follow you back helping you really beef up your account. Put together a list of about 20-30 things you would like to plan to tweet and either get on everyday to execute or simply schedule them in a Twitter management program.


Affiliate Program


If you plan on selling your products on your website an affiliate program could generate a great deal of traffic to your website. Using a network like CJ or Linkshare you can tap into the huge network of publishers that might be willing to place a banner on their site if the commissions are right.


Video Marketing


Here is an idea, take a video camera and take each clothing item you have and record a 30 second clip of that piece of clothing. Upload each video into your YouTube account and fill out each title and description nicely utilizing some keywords from the SEO step and eventually you will start to get some traffic over to your profile and your website. Always make sure to include a link in your description to your website or the specific page of your website where that particular product sits.


There are many things you can do to market your fashion brand online. It really just requires a robust approach online utilizing many different components. These steps can also be applied to almost any business online that is selling a product so don’t worry if you do not have a clothing line to market.

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