10 Comments That Make a Search Marketer Cringe


For all of you out there that work in the search engine marketing space you know what I mean when I say “things that make you cringe” when you are discussing in person or over the phone different topics and SEM strategies relating to search engine marketing. I know I have heard my share of comments over the years and if you are reading this chances are you have to.

Let’s go over a few shall we:

“Oh I don’t need social media”

What?? Have you turned on a computer or a TV recently? Every television show is starting to showcase Twitter hash tags and the whole world now revolves around Facebook and Google. Google which has spent the last 7 years trying to figure out how to get into this social space which I think they have finally figured out is another large reason why social media is important. The fact is that social media is required by everyone who runs or owns a business, no exceptions. If you want to be successful online you have to be social online because the overlap between traditional search marketing (I know small shelf life there) and social media is pretty thick.
Here are 3 great examples of social media success:


“I have to be number 1 in Google”

We all do. The fact is if your goal for your company SEO is to simply be number 1 in Google you are going about it all wrong. SEO is not a race it is a process and a journey that is almost always engulfed in improvement. Search engine optimization is a rather slow process which is only getting slower because every day more and more content is being dumped and more businesses are firing up their own SEO campaigns. SEO today is all about improving your standings in the search space and building your brand not just being #1.

“Well I was told this is how you are supposed to do it”

There are many different philosophies and approaches to building a brand online and conducting SEM. Often times no two approaches are alike which is why it is important to have an open mind to all SEM efforts and activities. If someone once told you that something should be done one way that does not mean that it is the only or even the right way.

“Oh I don’t need a website”

Folks if you make a paycheck selling anything anywhere you 100% without a doubt absolutely need a website. You need to have a focal point you can send your traffic so they can learn more about you and so that you can build your brand in front of your internet audience. A business without a website is like peanut butter without the butter. It just doesn’t work.

“SEO doesn’t really work”

It actually does work it just depends on what your idea of SEO is. For many the definition simply revolves around rankings but the reality is that the definition is multi-pronged. SEO when done correctly will build your brand for company branded search queries and also bring a steady stream of inbound traffic over time while increasing rankings and conversions on your website. To simply dismiss the process of SEO because you are not number 1 is just silly.

“Do you guarantee rankings?”

If you ask this question you should take a moment and read this official Google SEO page discussing this very topic.

Here is the link:

“I got SEM services before for $49 per/month?”

Those weren’t SEM services; you were just paying for a pretty report every month. It is not all about money but like everything on this great planet we live on you get what you pay for. Do you really think you can have a successful online marketing campaign for that dollar amount? You just can’t. It takes time and quality knowledge to execute a healthy search engine marketing campaign, something that typically has a realistic price tag attached to it.

“How come they rank and I don’t?”

Well search engine rankings are a lot like DNA, it can be complicated. With over 1,000 search signals and a fast evolving industry there could be many different reasons why a competitor web page out ranks yours. Everything from hosting, to URL age to social media influence play a pivotal role in why pages rank the way that they do. Don’t assume it is all about links although links are an important part of the equation.

“I need 100,000 Facebook Fans”

Great! Build a great brand and it will happen naturally. You cannot force people to become fans of your fan page if they do not have some sort of connection with your brand. Companies that promise you X amount of Facebook fans are just taking your money because the majority of those “likes” will most likely be manufactured.

“I need an article re-written 25 times”

And why do you think that will work? Because it won’t. Article spinning is an old method of article “marketing” (and I use that term loosely) in order to inundate the search space with an article and get the most use of one piece of written garbage. Write unique content with catch industry topics if you want your content marketing to work how it should.

One response to “10 Comments That Make a Search Marketer Cringe”

  1. At least in your examples the clients have a basic (at times, very basic) grasp of rankings and SEM. I mean, they’re using the terminology at best. I’ve had clients that disregard what I do as “internet hocus pocus.” One of them (VP for a billion dollar company) told me in 2008 that “this search and internet thing is a fad.”

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