Why is SEO So Frustrating?

SEO Frustration

Are you having a hard time grasping the whole SEO hoopla? You are not alone. Many businesses across the globe struggle to accomplish their own SEO because the definition to them is a bit foggy. For some it can feel like a very frustrating and overwhelming task to accomplish and for others it is very easy.

Let’s quickly touch upon a few pints points (Not pints, it’s not Friday yet!).


  • SEO is marketing
  • SEO is not magic
  • SEO if being efficient with your digital voice
  • SEO is not just about rankings
  • SEO is a mindset
Let’s quickly discuss a few more points from the Brandignity YouTube video below.

SEO is a Craft

SEO is a craft that takes years to fully grasp and understand. It is not about a “check list” hanging on your computer monitor it is about having an SEO mindset to allow you to consistently execute SEO best practices with everything you do when marketing your website online. Sure a training or shadowing program will help you scratch the surface but unless you have been learning and in the trenches for a number of years you are not going to fully understand the fundamentals.

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