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Dollar Shave Club

We haven’t written about too many startups lately but I would like to dive into this new one that has quickly become one of my favorite branding experiences I have experienced. Dollar Shave Club came out with a YouTube video┬ánot that long ago that has quickly grown to almost 4 million views in a relatively short amount of time (I signed up just because the video was that great).

When we preach that your business should have branding & personality this is what we are talking about right here.

I saw this video and had to buy their product. Now I haven’t used it yet but for the few bucks and 5 razors I think it is well worth the experiment. So far the packaging and presentation is great. Many companies don’t realize just how important the packaging really is when it comes to marketing a new product. One thing to keep in mind, these are not selling razors, they are selling a brand the razors just happen to come with it.

Product & packaging images

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

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