How To Get People to Engage on Facebook

Facebook Engagement


Everyone wants to know exactly how they should be using Facebook in order to maximize advertising dollars spent and efforts exhorted. Aaron Lee, a writer for Mashable and social media manager at Binkd Promotion recently put together a great content piece on how to get people to engage on Facebook.

Launching a Facebook fan page is one small part of the equation, getting those fans to stop by and speak up is a whole other story. Facebook engagement effectiveness all depends on what type of approach you take to communicate with your fans. In order to keep building your voice and your Facebook page you are going to have to engage your audience in some sort of fashion eventually.

Aaron breaks it down into 6 different efforts:

  • Photos
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Photo captions
  • Questions
  • Tips
  • Quotes

Let’s dig deeper into these because we think this is a great list to get your fans typing away.



Photos are extremely important when it comes to Facebook marketing. Depending on what type of business it is the better the image the better the click through rate if that image is connected with some sort of destination on the other end. It could also be a funny photo that connects emotionally with your audience.


Fill in the Blanks


Who doesn’t like to engage in a fun game that might give them a chuckle? This effort works especially well if you have loyal fans on your website. Set up a fill in the blank contest to get your Facebook fans engaged and thinking.


Photo Captions


If the image you place on your Facebook wall is good enough people will leave comments. You have to find an image that will have some sort of connection with your Facebook fans. Entice them in some sort of way to get those comments filling up.


Ask a Question


There is no better way to get an audience to engage with you on Facebook than simply asking a question. Ask the right question and that particular posting could generate answers for a very long time. Who doesn’t like tips? Especially if those tips help someone’s life or career. Good tips will keep an audience engaged for quite a while.



Quotes from influential figures or people can really touch the heart of certain Facebook fans.

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