How iPhone Apps Can Help in Business Marketing

iPhone Apps and Business Marketing

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The iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets today, swaggering millions of users around the world. One of its strongest features is its applications, which range from social networking to games. Because most of these apps are accessed by millions of people every day, they have become great avenues for business marketing. If you’re thinking of promoting your company to different areas of the globe, then here are tips on which iPhone apps to use and how they can help you market your business.


Facebook is a popular way to promote your business, and now you can utilize its marketing magic through its very own iPhone app. After all, millions of users log on to this website every day, meaning there are millions of potential users that can take interest in your products and services. Its fan page feature enables you to create a hub where you can interact with clients and respond to their queries, comments, or suggestions. To entice more customers, remember to regularly update your page about company promotions and events.

Facebook can also help improve your company site’s page rankings. The more likes you have, the better optimized your Facebook site will be, as these likes serve as inbound links that boost your search engine rankings.


Just like Facebook, Twitter has a massive number of followers. These millions of users can become regular patrons with the right type of Twitter marketing. In order to gain a flock of fans, regularly tweet photos and videos of company promotions and discounts. You can also utilize its search feature to look for hot topics that are related to your company. You can join the trend by initiating conversations with users.

Twitter can be accessed easily through the iPhone with apps such as Simply Tweet, Hoot Suite, Tweetie and Twit Bit.


This free application makes marketing easier because its geo-targeting feature makes your company easily searchable by clients looking for products and goods similar to yours. One way to market your business through Foursquare is to reward customers who “check in” at your establishment regularly with discount codes and promotional coupons. Another way is to engage in conversations in order to reach out to loyal customers within your area.


Just like Foursquare, Yelp is an iPhone application that puts your company into the map. Here, your clients can make reviews about your business. Good or bad, it can help you improve your services to gain more and more customers.

Make the most out of this program’s features by utilizing the “Talk” feature to communicate with customers – old or new. You can also use Yelp to foster customer loyalty by giving regular clients discount codes and coupons.


WordPress allows business owners to talk about their companies and promote their products all at the same time. With the iPhone WordPress app, you can regularly update your blog site, answer to readers’ comments, and add static pages that can help improve your search engine rankings.

Millions of people from the far reaches of the globe are now keeping up with trend—iPhone applications. This fandom can help you promote your label and gain more and more customers. If you’re thinking of a good and inexpensive way to market your business, make sure to use these apps. You’ll find your business thriving in no time.

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