Things Not To Do In SEO

Things Not To Do In SEO

The SEO process is very important as it is the only way to bring your site to the top of Google search results. Many people are not very confident about the whole SEO process as they feel that it is very complicated and is very time consuming. But in reality the SEO firms and services make SEO seem like an unbelievably complex process although it is just the opposite in practice. There are certain things which you must avoid during SEO and we will discuss about those in this article. If you follow this advice then you will definitely achieve better SEO results.

1. Never expect immediate results

SEO is a long process and consumes enough time to bring about a healthy output. Do not adopt any black SEO techniques as these can result in your expulsion from the list. Your online reputation will also take a beating. Have loads of patience and you will favorable results in due course of time. You will be fooling yourself if you are expecting overnight results.

2. Following your competitor

Each website needs to be unique and will have its own way of achieving success. You can study the strategies adopted by your competitor in order to understand the basics of SEO but copying will be a bad ploy. This will lead you nowhere. The strategy may have worked wonders for him but that does not mean that you will gain success too. So be innovative and do not blindly follow each and every step of the competitor.

3. Avoid inappropriate links

Only quality links will enhance your online reputation as those links that serve no real purpose is a real waste of time. The rank of your site will decrease considerably if there are too many links coming from spam sites such as blogs and gambling sites. Quality is always important to gain high search engine ranking and do not ever think of cross linking as it is a real bad idea to be used for search engine ranking.

4. Overuse of Meta descriptions

Meta tags are very important for SEO operation. Meta tags act like little ads for a website in the search results and this can convince an individual that this is the site that they were looking for. Though they are not the single most important factor for deciding a site rank but they are, nevertheless, very important. Each page must have a unique Meta description and it is inappropriate to fill the Meta description full of keywords. Keeping repeated Meta tags can prove counter-productive in the long run.

5. Faulty site navigation

There are many Guest Post in the internet which will tell you about things to avoid in SEO process and you will find that each one agrees that nothing is more dangerous that improper site navigation. Ideally a user should not click more than 3 times to navigate from a homepage to an internal page. If the user has to click again and again and if he has no idea how to get back to the homepage then this can be very damaging for the reputation of the website. The site should be properly organized and should follow a logical path of information. The user must be able to find the thing that he wants on the surface; he will not navigate through the whole website to find that information.

Though not mentioned above, low quality content and excessive use of keywords must also be avoided when you are involved in SEO process. Since this is the most important aspect for a high website rank, full care must be undertaken so that none of the SEO ‘sins’ are committed which may result in a low page rank.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and content marketing. These days she is busy to write an article on content marketing. Recently she did an article on viral marketing.


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