Using YouTube as Part of Your Blogging Strategy

YouTube Strategy

There are many ways to use YouTube as part of your blogging. The most important way of course is to customize it so that it is similar to your website and then to regularly create and upload video content to the site. The content you create will depend largely on your business, but there are very few people, even if you have no video editing skills at all, that won’t be able to make use of YouTube effectively.

The Basics

The basic thing you should be aiming for if you are a small business owner in your YouTube marketing strategy is to create short instructional videos. Most computers these days come fitted out with a web cam. It is dead easy to record yourself reading a script or explaining how to do something. By uploading a more personal testimonial or instructional video in your industry you will be able to reach out to a variety of clients who prefer video to text.

You will want to look professional in your videos on YouTube. The Internet has a very unforgiving way with the concept of “memes” and if you look unprofessional or do something that could be perceived as humorous then you may end up becoming famous in the wrong kind of way.

But as they say, “any publicity is good publicity”, so this could be part of your legitimate strategy too!

Merging Your Blogging with Your Videos

Another way in which you can use YouTube as part of your blogging strategy is to create a written text and then a video to complement it. This can be any number of things, for instance:

  • If you are the owner of a store that sells hiking boots, then you can blog about your experiences with a particular brand and upload a video of you hiking in action
  • If you are a graphic designer, then you can write a blog post about how to make a 3D animation and then upload a video of one of your animations from your portfolio

Your blog should be an integral part of your marketing strategy and should be focused on topics directly related to your industry. Your blog should not merely be an aggregator of news about your field, but you should actively seek to give your opinions and personal observations on any aspect of your industry that you would want your clients to know about you.


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