Why SEO is Such a Challenging Effort

Frustrated with SEO

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So many people believe that SEO involves simply jamming a few keywords on your page and building a couple of links. SEO marketing is actually much more complicated than that, and with such a simplistic strategy, your SEO plan likely won’t get you very far. Keep these SEO challenges in mind when you build your strategy.

Fierce Competition

The competition for space on the Internet is staggering. Thousands of other websites are vying for the same readers you are, and they are placing content, advertisements and social media pages in the same places you are. Many may even be going beyond that. The ones who have the edge are the companies who use SEO experts in placing their content. If you don’t strategically plan out your SEO efforts, you will lag far behind the pack in terms of attracting and keeping your target market.

Here is an example for the phrase “SEO services“. Keep your eye out on the number that reads 63 million results. That is the competition that someone targeting that phrase has to go up against. These types of numbers exist in almost all business verticals. Just in case you are wondering why that article you wrote isn’t ranking just yet keep in mind your competition.

SEO Services Example

Search Engine Changes

Google and other search engines are constantly changing their systems. A simple algorithm change can move your website from the first page of search results to the tenth—or hundredth. That’s why it’s so important for you to feature timely, up-to-date content as well as evergreen material and unique, specific keywords to keep your page coming up in search results. Some random keywords and links thrown in aren’t going to get you a spot on the first page of search results like a planned SEO strategy will.

If you don’t believe us take a look at this great algorithm change timeline SEOmoz put together so you can see what has occurred over the last 12 or so years.


SEOmoz Algorithm Timeline


There’s No Instruction Booklet

No SEO road-map exists that you can simply follow step-by-step. Given the constant changes in how search engines work, no instruction booklet would suffice in the long run, either. That’s why you have to constantly be alert of new changes and SEO tips in terms of both search engines as well as social marketing tools. Awareness of new policies and tricks can mean the difference between SEO that works and marketing attempts that fail.

However, there is a best practice guide directly from Google that should help you out.

Google SEO Starters Guide


Marketing Background Required

While a typical writer can manage basic SEO, a marketing background is required in almost every case of successful SEO use. This training provides SEO marketers with the skills they need to analyze target markets, stay current with SEO trending topics and keywords, and develop a real marketing strategy that doesn’t solely rely on keywords and links. The SEO part of the strategy is important, but like a nail without a hammer, it won’t work well without a keen plan behind it.

Simple Keywords Don’t Cut It

Many people misinterpret the use of keywords in general. They think that by adding a hot star’s name or a trending topic of the day, they will stay on top of search results. These keywords are simply not specific enough to garner you much traffic. They will be similar to so many other website keywords that yours will only be lost in the shuffle. Provide specific terms that fit in with your niche and product to stand in during search engine results.

As you consider this list of challenges, don’t let using SEO intimidate you. Simply be aware of what you really need to give your website the visibility that you want it to have. Hiring an SEO strategist can be an effective way to do this, as can taking workshops about the process and learning more about marketing though classes.

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