Steps To Implement Author Rank

Author Rank

Author Rank gives authors the credibility and credit that they deserve. If you are a regular blogger then with Author Rank, you can create your fan following effortlessly. Use the following Steps to Implement Author Rank easily:

Create a profile on Google+

Go to Google+ start page and log in with your Google account. In case, you do not have an account, Google will direct you to create one.

While creating the profile, you should not forget to upload your photograph. The photo should be clear, as people will see it when it appears in the search results.

You should also have an interesting byline about yourself. The byline is a short biography of the author, which appears in the search results. Ensure that your byline contains your name and your strengths, which would encourage people to click on your URL.

Authenticate your email address

Visit the Google+ Authorship page. Type in your email address and submit it for authorship. Ensure that you have the same email address as the domain name of your blog.

Connect your website’s ‘About Me’ with your Google+ profile

Log in to your Google+ account. Go to Links and select Add Custom Link. Write the URL of the About Me page of your website.

You should enter the address in the following format:

<ahref= rel=”me”>My Profiles

Instead of profile_url, you should write your Google+ profile URL.

Connect your content with About page

You should connect all your blog contents to your “About” page. It will provide the readers with information about you from different contents. Enter the following URL:

<ahref=”” rel=”author”>My short bio

Select the Edit profile option in your Google+ profile. Now, through the Contribute to section, you should mention the URLs of the site/s where you send your contributions.

Provide a link from your author bio box to your Google+ profile

Use the rel=author link in your byline or the author box and connect to the Google+ profile. If you have a bio page on your website then you should use the rel=me link.

Follow these steps in case your email address and blog name are different:

Connect your website with your Google+ profile

You will need to create a link based on this tag


Now, instead of profile_url, you should type your Google+ profile URL.

Add your website URL/s

Click Edit profile option. Your Google+ account has a ‘contributor to’ section. Click on the section and a dialog box will appear. Select Add custom link and enter the website addresses for which you write.

Test it

You can check if you have been successful in implementing Author rank by using the structured data-testing tool.

Tips to using your Author Rank authority successfully

Of course, you will benefit hugely from setting up your Author Rank. However, with Author Rank, it becomes important for you to get more people in your Google circle. There are a few tips, which you can follow to get more people to add you in their Google circles:

Use your expertise to write posts

With the power of Author Rank, you can gain hugely by writing posts based on your expertise. Actually, Google gives importance to quality content and when your byline shows that you are an expert in a particular field and you have written a post on it, Google will surely put your post at a higher rank than other posts.

In this way, you will get a good number of hits.

Enrich your content with pictures and videos

Videos and images attract the interest of the people. That is why you should include high quality images and unique videos in your posts.

Such attractions will encourage your readers to give you +1. Surely, Google search will identify your posts to be more important as well as loved by the people.

Use Google+ hangouts

By creating Google+ hangouts, you can engage your audience. Use the platform for answering questions and sharing more information about your products. You should also help your followers solve problems that they face in the matters that are concerned with your business.

For instance, if you sell cosmetic products, you can offer advice on self-grooming and spread awareness on the right usage of cosmetics.

Create stronger bonds with relevant people

You must be aware of the importance of getting links from the sites that are known for their high quality and profound reach. Similarly, by sharing your content with the powerful Google+ users, who have a great reputation in your industry, you can capture higher rankings from Google.

When influential Agents share the content that carries your Author ID, it notifies Google that the content is worth noticing.

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