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Email Marketing have evolved over the years, the birth of social media didn’t reduce the important and power of person emails. Businesses find this as a tactics that can help them boost their sales and then many businesses started to abuse their audience by overloading with emails, today the world of Email Marketing is filled with the huge amount of SPAM.

Email can be a great source of communication with clients and customers and to increase business sales but in order to that one needs to have an effective strategy that keeps the customers to stay with the brand and share the positive word about it.

Here are few of the Email Marketing strategies that a business should follow to retain and build their customer base.

Use the KISS formula

People these days are busy and do not really have time to go through with lengthy emails, so if your email is long enough with tons of words you might not get the conversion rate that you are looking for but long emails are mostly ignored by the recipients.

Try to send the email short and simple so that people can find it easy and quick to read and perform the action accordingly. Sending short and simple emails will allow the emails to land in to the inbox instead of the SPAM box directly.

Do not overload their email boxes

Usually this happens when companies start to get better response rate of their emails that they sent to their customers, they start to send emails on daily basis and sometimes the number rises up to multiple times a day.

This is simply unethical and will leave a bad image of your company on your customers. Try to email your customers at most once a week and keep your emails exciting and informative so that people would love to open the email each time they find it in the inbox.

Content is KING!

For an interesting and convertible email strategy, content plays the most fundamental part. More interesting your content would be more people will come to you. But this never means that you are suppose to spice up your email with jargon and gimmicks, as email marketing is certainly not at all about it.

People usually read emails either to acquire some information or want to know about a something may be a product, sale or offer, so give your audience a valid reason to open your email and read it further.

Know your audience

To make your email marketing campaign most successful it is best to know your readers more closely, as the more you know your audience better the easier it will be to connect with them. Once you determine who your audience is, you can then easily communicate and interact with them on their level. This way they will feel comfortable communicating and will gradually start trusting you before they want to do business with you. Good will with your client is equal to more business.

In a nutshell, the best formula to make a perfect email is AIDA

A= Attention – Seek their attention through interesting and appealing subject lines so that they can be motivated to open up your email and read it further.

I= Interest – Hold there interest by offering something knowledgeable or of value that they have been looking for.

D= Desire – Grow their desire so that they take an action to come to you for more.

A= Action – last but not the least when they are ready to take, make it easy to take the next step.

Happy emailing! Let me know if you have more suggestion to increase effectiveness of your email in the comment box below.

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