Learn From The Introverts And Their Branding Style

Think Like an Introvert

Wouldn’t it be great if your business has the same kind of effect that an introvert has to its community?

Even though introverts are not much of a talker but more of a listener, people still flock towards them not realizing that they are drawn to them. That’s how amazing an introvert’s branding style is!

Now before I even start sharing the things that we can learn from introverts and their branding style, I want you to know that I am as much interested to hear from you and what you have to say about this.

I urge you to share your ideas (anything about branding styles will do) in the comments section below so we can start creating a large arsenal of high impact branding tips that we can draw from for our marketing campaigns.

These are my two cents about what we can learn from introverts and their branding style:

1. Introverts more of a listener than they are talkers

You’d be amazed at how adapting this kind of strategy to your business’s branding style will get you tons of results.

The truth is, everyone wants to feel important (that includes your community). Emphasizing on listening, getting feedback, and creating interaction with your community shows your community just how important they are to you. Now that’s a big plus!

It feeds their need of feeling important therefore you (or your brand for that matter) becomes one of their many sources of emotional security.

The principle’s application to your business:

You can feature them in podcasts or webinars making them the spotlight of the event. Remember that this is not about you but it’s about them. So the more you put them in the spotlight making them important, the more established your brand becomes.

Another way of doing this is making a “weekly featured blog” on your community. You then pick (or perhaps base it on votes/polls) someone in your community and feature their blog on your website for a week.

When people see the kind of exposure you’re giving the featured blog, people will come flocking to your community engaging so they’ get noticed and eventually be featured. It’s a great way to stir up your community!

2. Introverts are generally sensitive to ethical concerns and tolerant of alternative cultures

Branding your business with this in mind helps promote integrity and respect for others needs.

In the internet world where scamming people, plagiarism, and dishonesty is rampant, emphasizing on establishing your integrity and respect for others goes a long way.

The more credible you are, the safer your community feels around you.

The principle’s application to your business:

There are a lot of ways to go about this but for starters, you can connect with other authority sites, make money back guarantees on your products (if you’re selling your own) and also ask for feedback as a means of understanding the different cultures of your community is a plus.

3. Forging Strong and Meaningful Relationships

Because introverts are more likely to stick with one person or the person closest to them instead of getting to know a lot of people, they are able to forge strong relationships with the one they’re close with.

In this case, the quality over quantity logic goes into play. More than that, I take this a step further by saying QUALITY DRAWS QUANTITY!

The more quality relationships you build with your audience, your audience increases because your current ones will surely share their quality experience with you. You shouldn’t associate quality with lesser in quantity because that’s a lie. If you want to have a large quantity of something (may it be sales, opt-ins, etc.), focus on quality and you’ll surely get there.

The principle’s application to your business:

A good way of implementing this is by organizing meet-and-greet events. This kind of strategy makes your brand unique in a way that your emphasis in creating a well bonded and quality community is strong.This makes you especially unique because most community leaders focus on expanding their community (I mean, who wouldn’t with the kind of opportunity it brings right?). You’ll rarely see someone focusing on the group that they currently have and bringing the relationship to the next level.

It’s amazing how introverts have an air about them that makes you want them even without them actively trying.

If you can adapt these branding styles to your business, then you’ll surely become an authority in no time. I hope you found this article helpful. Be sure to leave your comments as I’d love to hear from you about the matter. If we just keep on sharing our ideas, we’ll surely have more than enough to make all of our businesses successful.

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