5 Must-Read Books For Every SEO Specialist

Who said that old-fashioned books are not popular today? Despite thousands of blogs and different informative websites we can find online today, sometimes it’s much better to take a good book where only the best and checked info will be presented. And it becomes even more important when you need the info that can help you with your business and future income.

Being a SEO specialist doesn’t mean to search the Internet only and post links everywhere you can. SEO is tricky and changeable, and you need much knowledge to understand all its tricks and use them for your own benefits. So, why not to use cool books for that?

Certainly, there are many books on SEO today. Everyone who can write and knows SEO basics believes he can write a book and become a famous author at once. How to choose real must-read books on SEO among all these paper sources of information? We are here to help you! Just check our list of 5 books that every SEO specialist should have on his bookshelf (well, some of them at least).


Don’t Make Me Think


Don't Make Me Think


Every SEO specialist understands that a website usability means a lot for its promotion. How to increase it and make your website relevant to your business? Check the book Don’t Make Me Think written by Steve Krug, an industry expert. You will find detailed answers on many important questions there for sure. Moreover, Steve will reveal some secrets of successful SEO for you.


The Art Of SEO


The Art Of SEO

This book will be very useful to read for SEO newbies, because they will find there a lot of information from such well-known business experts as Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, and others. 500 pages of widely used SEO tactics, concepts, and strategies. Yes, we know that SEO changes constantly, but the basics always remain the same.


Letting Go of the Words


Letting Go of the Words



Are you sure you know what your readers want from you? How to make your blog or website really useful and popular? How to use all keywords right? What keywords to use in titles, and how to work with image captions? Ginny Redish knows the answers to all these questions, and her book Letting Go of the Words will definitely help you increase your site’s usability and make its content work on you.


Web Analytics 2.0


Web Analytics 2.0


Do you know all tools needed for successful SEO? The first thing to understand is Web Analytics of course. Avinash Kaushik will help you work with Google and Yahoo Analytics right! Moreover, he will describe every other useful tool you may need for your SEO. Every SEO expert needs the best instruments, doesn’t he? This book will teach you to work with them.


Marketing in the Age of Google


Marketing in the Age of Google


Even if you perfectly know all SEO strategies and tactics, you will not be able to use them right if you know nothing about search engines. All important concepts of search engines are described by Vanessa Fox (a former Googler) in details. Even if you are new to SEO, Marketing in the Age of Google will help you understand all principles of Google work and use them right for your successful search engine optimization.

Have you read any of books mentioned above? If you know any other SEO books worth reading, we invite you to share your thoughts with our readers. Comments are always welcome.


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