Get Started With Facebook Ads Using These 10 Simple Steps

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a superb platform to promote your business on the World Wide Web. Many businesses have reaped huge benefits from using Facebook ads. From attracting more traffic, to more likes you name it; there are literary endless ways to tap into this leading social media site’s rich presence.

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How To Create a Facebook ad in Ten Simple Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Facebook ads

Step One

Log-in to your Facebook account and click on the settings icon at the far right top-side of your homepage. Next, click on the advertising link. This will lead you to the page entitled ‘Advertise on Facebook’. Here you’ll find several useful links to creating an effective ad. You can click on the any of the links on the Overview section to get a sneak preview of how the whole system works. There is also a step-by-step guide that comprises three steps. The ‘Create an ad’ box is located on the mid-upper section of this page click on it to move to the next step.

Step Two

Next you get to the ‘what do you want to advertise’ section. At this stage, you get to choose what you want to advertise. It could be your website, your brick and wall shop or anything else. Only make sure to enter a valid name or URL.

Step Three

This is step at which you specify what you want to accomplish with the ad. Do you want to get more likes or promote your posts? Depending on what you want to achieve with the marketing campaign, you’ll click on the relevant category. You can as well click on the Advanced Options to explore more options.

Step Four

Next up is to design the ad. Facebook ads are typically made of a simple headline (25-character) and a brief description (90-characters). There is also a section for uploading a thumbnail image (100×72 pixels). Yet another superb section worth checking out is the Landing View section. This is where you choose the landing page for your traffic. For instance you can direct your traffic to your Timeline or images section of your Facebook account.

Step Five

To get the most out of your FB marketing campaign, be sure to have specific users in mind while designing it. The ‘create your audience’ enables you to the category of people you want to view your ad(s). Facebook normally recommends a couple of suggestions based on your page content but it is always to the extra mile by using more targeting options. This is actually the most important part of the whole process as you get to micro-target your ads. Be sure to visit the ‘show more targeting options’ link for more targeting options.

Step Six

You’ve keyed-in all the relevant details of your ad; you’ve also chosen your audience now it is time to set your budget and schedule. The foremost step is to select currency, country and timezone. Afterwards, edit the campaign name and set the budget. There are two budgeting options that you can opt for. These are the day to day budget which costs $10 and lifetime budget at $350. You can also choose if to start the campaign immediately or at a later date. It is also worthwhile to visit the ‘Switch to advanced pricing section of the setup page where you can further choose what you want to optimize your ad for.

Step Seven

Before reviewing the ad for posting, make sure that you are familiar with the content of the statement and rights and responsibility page. Also, make sure your website is compliant with the Facebook Advertising Guidelines.

Step Eight

Carefully check if you’ve captured all details about your upcoming ad correctly. You can correct any errors and add details at this section before proceeding to place an order for the ad. After submitting your order, Facebook will prompt you for payment details – Paypal, Facebook Ad Coupon, Credit Card or Debit Card. Note that Facebook may hold your order for a day or so they review its content before approving.

Step Nine

Now that your ad is up and running, you will definitely want to track its progress using the ads manager tool. This is located on the left side of your personal account.

Step Ten

You can occasionally export reports from the Reports tab. These are basically HTML files that can be used to assess the efficiency of the ad. From here you can tell how the ad is performing and change its attributes if necessary.

There you go – the ten easy steps to a successful FB marketing campaign. All the best!

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Jason Smith is an online manager for Foley, Incorporated – Commercial Emergency Generator. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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