Five Inbound Marketing Techniques for Today’s Modern Business



As the name implies, inbound marketing involves you as the target instead of the consumer. Previously, more traditional forms saw companies trying to grab the public’s attention by describing the product or service they offered. These days, inbound marketing has reversed the tables by creating content that the user will actively seek out instead. Here are a few techniques which can boost your corporate success in today’s modern age.


Webinars & e-Books


One of the easiest ways to attract customers is by offering to teach them new skills and knowledge. Over the net, there are a number of ways to achieve this including:


  • Scheduling a webinar by one of your top experts
  • Offering a digital e-book containing tips and tricks
  • Promoting a white paper that shows your authority


By offering some insider knowledge for free, you’ll attract new customers, encourage word-of-mouth advertising and promote yourself as an industry leader at the same time.


Example of our eBook:


Social Media Engagement


One of the new big things these days is social media. It is here where you have the best opportunity to interact with the public. Dell does this to good effect by asking questions and getting customer feedback on its Facebook pages. You can do the same by hiring a full-time social media manager who can update your pages, answer fan inquiries and deal with any complaints that come up. An active Facebook page or Twitter feed is a sure-fire way to attract even more customers, especially if you regularly update it with new content.


QR Codes & Print Media


While most of the focus is online, it’s also important to think about the real world and how you can attract people to your virtual content. One of the most effective methods is placing QR codes on your print material. Using online flyer printing is a great way to have a huge impact on your clients especially with these online/offline bridges. Scanning of QR codes has increased by a whopping 1400% in recent years so adding them to your print material is a smart choice regardless of your industry.


Instructional Videos


While written content is all well and good, nothing gets the message across like an online video. Create something professional through the following advice:


  • Write a script and practice
  • Make it less than 6 minutes
  • Use uncluttered surrounds
  • Always make eye contact
  • Demonstrate as well as talk


Example of our instructional video:



Embed these clips on your website and also create your own YouTube channel. In this way, you’ll expand your possible marketing channels and give the public more opportunities to view and share your videos. You’ll also show off your knowledge and present yourself as an authority figure.


Mobile Applications


Lastly, something would be amiss if we didn’t mention the usefulness of mobile apps here. Studies have shown that user centered apps are highly effective at increasing interest in the product or service being offered. If you focus attention on the user (as is typical with inbound marketing) and offer them a personal connection with your brand, you’ll then be more likely to generate a sale out of the interaction. Additionally since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, you’ll be right there in their pockets waiting to offer them worthwhile content in a few taps of the screen.


This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inbound marketing. As the field is fast becoming one of the most effective advertising solutions in today’s corporate world, you can be sure there are always new techniques being uncovered. If your marketing team has the creativity to produce the right content, customers will come to you in a natural manner.

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