10 Ways to Go Big on Pinterest in 2015

Pinterest Marketing 2015


Even though millions of people visit Pinterest each week, misconceptions about this website abound. In fact, some feel that this social media site is only useful for sharing recipes and wedding gift ideas. The truth, though, is that Pinterest is a rapidly-growing platform that holds enormous promise for businesses. Above all, Pinterest entices many consumers to buy what they see.


To derive the most benefits from Pinterest, try to heed the following tips, and may all of your pinning be happy and prosperous.


1. Use Internet Tools to Create Visual Content


When you rely on a streamlined online resource as you’re designing Pinterest images, you should get appealing results, and you might enjoy the process more. A terrific example is This free website makes it easy to search for, drag, upload, and edit images, backgrounds, and fonts. With Canva, you can also collaborate with others.


2. Give Each of Your Boards a Theme


If each of your Pinterest boards has its own theme, your page will feel more organized, and it will be simpler for visitors to look for certain products or services. Plus, they’ll be able to see the range of items that you sell within a given category. For example, if you own a bakery, you should have separate boards for cookies, cakes, breads, and so forth. A customer who goes to your cookie board looking for chocolate chip cookies might be tempted by the photos of, say, your oatmeal raisin cookies, and he or she could end up ordering both types.


3.Describe Your Offerings


It’s wise to post explanatory captions beneath your photos. That is, in conversational language, briefly give the reasons for purchasing each item. Moreover, include a few relevant and trendy keywords in every description so that Internet searchers will be more likely to stumble upon your page.


4. Obtain a Business Account


When you sign up for a Pinterest business account, you can sell merchandise through the website. That way, you’ll earn some money from those who make purchases on impulse. Businesses have more advantages on Pinterest as long as they don’t spam. Analytics is big. A few business accounts that are great examples would be Maggie Sotterro, Bulk Apothecary, and Nu Skin. They use a good variety, they don’t spam and they have a natural growing audience.


5. Take Advantage of an Analytics Service


An analytics company like Piqora can give you statistics and detailed information about your images’ views and levels of engagement. Thus, you’ll see what kinds of content are generating the most interest, and you can create more of it.


6. Use Pinterest Goodies


Pinterest offers its users “Goodies,” which are widgets that make it easier to accomplish tasks such as using the site on mobile devices and adding content from the web to your page.


7. Make Event-Related Boards


If you have an open house, party, or other noteworthy event coming up, advertise it by giving it its own board. You can post photos of the venue, the participants, and so on.


8. Pay Attention to Sizes and Colors


To make your boards easier to scan, put up images with a variety of heights, lengths, and color schemes. Use different pin shapes too. Further, you’re likely to get more repins if your photos are multicolored and not too dark or too light.


9. Hold Contests


By occasionally setting up a contest, you’ll garner extra attention. For instance, you could challenge your visitors to submit photos that pertain to a particular subject. Later, you’d choose the most creative entry and send the winner a coupon or other prize. Just be sure to adhere to all of the official Pinterest contest guidelines.


10. Contribute to Other People’s Boards


Finally, on a regular basis, go to your followers’ Pinterest boards as well as the pages of people who are popular on this site. Comment on and like their posts so that they’ll reciprocate, perhaps bringing you new visitors when they do.

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