How to Optimize Your Brand’s YouTube Channel to Rank

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With so many people around the world uploading content to YouTube every day, it’s important to make your brand’s channel stand out if you want to be successful and rank well. Not only do you want viewers to be interested in your videos, you also want them to be able to find you easily and quickly. By following some simple steps to optimize your brand’s YouTube channel, you can ensure that you’ll rank for relevant searches and get more views of your videos.


Identify Yourself Clearly at Multiple Points


One of the key elements of branding, no matter what the channel, is to make sure your viewers know who you are. The name of your company should be the title of your YouTube channel, so when people search for your business name, they can easily find you right away. The company name you use should be the one that most people will be searching for, not your official corporate name, unless there is no difference between the two.


For example, Blue Coat Systems chose to title their channel Blue Coat in order to match what their consumers would type into Google. Another way to make sure viewers can identify you is to brand your content with a small logo or your username in a corner of the screen. This will help users to remember your brand name and seek you out again.


Blue Coat


Get Your Content Out


Most users do not use the video description field to their advantage. While this section is meant to hold a short description of the video, you can expand it to include more information. Including a video transcript in this field that details the content of your video is a good idea if your videos are tutorials, detailed information about your product, or responses to frequently asked questions from your industry. This will help you rank for searches related to the content covered in the video.


YouTube Description


For example, if you have made a video that answers popular questions about vegetable gardening, including a video transcript will help you capture anyone who searches for terms that come up in the video, such as grow better tomatoes. If you are too busy to create your own video transcripts, there are many cheap transcription services online that can transcribe your video for you.


Create Engaging Content That Viewers Enjoy


Following best practices only gets you so far on a video sharing platform. The best way to rank higher is to create engaging content that users will enjoy watching and want to share with friends. One of the ways you can perfect your content is by using the insights provided by YouTube. You can see how long viewers are watching your videos before turning them off and improve them based on this data. You can also get insight into the best time to post your videos to get the most views. Incorporate the insights and information you get into the new videos you create to make them better. For example, if viewers are only watching your videos for 45 seconds and then clicking on something else, try to condense the overall length of the video. The data provided by insights tells you the story of how viewers interact with your content, and you can improve the quality of your channel if you take the time to view and interpret them.




Getting your YouTube channel to be a success can take some time, as you experiment with what type of content is most successful and gets the most views. By following the guidelines detailed here, you can make the process of ranking your brand’s YouTube channel much easier and faster.

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