7 Tips for Improving your ASO Strategy

ASO Strategy


Search for, and build a list of competing apps. Just like in Search Engine Optimization, knowing your competitors and what are they doing will help you improve your app. There a plenty of tools to measure their (your competitors) performance, you can find a useful list in this post.


But don’t stop here, research what your competitors are doing outside of the app store. Google their apps and see which sites / blogs are writing about them and reviewing them. Below are some useful search engine queries you can use:


  • CompetitorsAppName + review
  • CompetitorsAppName + app review
  • CompetitorsAppName + ratings
  • CompetitorsAppName + comparison
  • CompetitorsAppName  intitle:review
  • CompetitorsAppName inurl:review
  • CompetitorsAppName
  • CompetitorsAppName review


Another way to find out who is talking about your competitor’s app is via their link profile.


Grab the tunes url of their app and use a toll like Majestic or Open Site Explorer to see who links to their app store page, most of the reviews will link either to the iTunes page or to the developers page.


Review app Title, Keywords and Description


These are some basic components of your ASO and should be reviewed on a regular basic. Search trends re changing as so need your keyword strategy. We have already covered the basic principles of ASO in this article.


Analyze How People Use Your App


Decide on your KPI and measure them, tolls like Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics can give you some insights into things like retention, usage, demographics and interests. Downloads are great but you have to make sure people continue using your app. Listen  to their feedback and take it into consideration when launching your next update.


Listen to your users


Ratings and Reviews are very important part of ASO and we believe them to also be a ranking factor. Apps with better ratings and reviews tend to rank better on the app store.


Do check your reviews regularly and take notice of the feedback from users.


Create a video trailer for your app


I don’t have to explain you how popular online video is. Having a good quality trailer within your app store description can increase downloads of your app.


Promotion Outside of the App Stores


Using the data from your competitor analysis, get in touch with sites and blogs where your competitor’s app has been reviewed and see if they can review/talk about your app as well. Your SEO outreach skills and contacts will come very useful here.  Don’t stop on the contact’s you’ve discovered during your competitor analysis. There are plenty more opportunities out there.


Use tools like Impactana to find influential YouTubers, journalist and bloggers in your niche.


Paid Promotion


In addition to the influencer outreach we have discussed above, you can use paid channels as well. Both Facebook and Google AdWords offer ways to promote your app. Check out Facebook App Ads and mobile app installs campaigns form Google AdWords. If you have a video trailer for your app, you can also use it for your Facebook and YouTube campaigns.

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