The Ultimate Guide to making money by guest blogging

Guest Blogging

The best policy that entails the concept of guest blogging is give and take. Guest blogging basically means to create and publish content on someone else’s blog or website, just as a guest. In return, the guest blogger can get quality backlinks, a massive online exposure and of course better business relationships. On the other hand, the owner of the blog can attract better traffic in his blog with the help of quality content.


Building a career on guest blogging can actually seem quite scary. But, there are millions already there making a handsome amount out of guest blogging. If you too want to earn similar or at least decent sum, check out these most important tips that can help you to earn money by guest blogging.


Search, search and search

First thing first, you have to look out for opportunities. You can either search in Google by typing keywords like submitting guest posts and guest blogging opportunities. Or you can also find some opportunities in sites like myblogGuest and Be A Freelance Blogger. These sites can help you landing up in those blogs that can actually make you pay $50 or up.


Contribute what you know

Writing about something that is completely alien to you is a cardinal sin for every guest blogger. Make sure that you choose a topic or a niche in which you have a strong grasp and in which you have ample confidence and knowledge.


Make sure you are sold

Why would a blog owner let you add content? He/She is already getting traffic or earning money from the blog whether or not you submit an article. This has to be first question before opting for a guest blogging opportunity. While introducing yourself, make sure that you are able to give a prolific image of yourself and of course, of your skills and caliber. Your approach should be massive and confident enough to create a lasting relationship.


Provide an exceptional intro

When you start writing, offer a catchy and most importantly an eye-stealer headline. A bland headline can actually fail to create a bigger audience, even if your core content is impeccable. When you start writing, try creating a typical curiosity by using words like, “Last Wednesday, when I went to bodyboarding…” Such words can not only mean that you, as a person are quite interesting but can also show that you are successful enough to spare some time for exceptional hobbies.


Write a compelling content

Before writing check out how the other guest bloggers have submitted their posts and how they have arranged their content. Conduct a thorough research and ensure that your content is free from errors like grammatical issues and lack of statistics. Dont simply write a content as if you are compelled to do so. Inculcate your personality in it by saucing it with a unique approach. Spice up your content by writing in such a way that can keep your readers hooked up till the end. Also provide internal as well as source links in the content itself along with adding a a CTA while finishing your article. Before submitting the guest post, read your content aloud and check if that sounds literally interesting and can attract a good deal of audience. Make sure that your respective on-site SEO is definitely in check.



Your job doesn’t finish off as soon as you have submitted the content. To gain a bigger prospect, it’s also important to check out how your post is working out. Respond to your readers’ comments. This would not just help in building a lasting relationship with the blog owner, because that shows you are seriously concerned with the blog; but would also help in building a good rapport between you and your respective readers, which can also end you up being landed with some better business opportunities.


And lastly, if you do fail attracting audience in the first attempt, don’t give up. Keep writing and keep writing. Persistence is always the key to be successful.


In case you have any more tips to earn money by guest blogging, feel free to leave them in the comments below.




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