Why Do So Many Businesses in Naples FL Not Have a Website?

Sad No Website


As a Naples, FL resident, I’m virtually always on the lookout for new restaurants to try out or new small businesses to support. While on the move around the city, there sure is an abundance of these establishments – with more of them seeming to spring up by the day. However, I’ve noticed a highly disturbing trend with the vast majority of them in that very few have taken the trouble to set up a website or even create any form of online presence. in 2016 I find that absolutely crazy.

Website? Online Presence? Why you need it

Yes, believe it or not, any business who still wants their doors to be open after a year needs to at least ensure that their basic contact information through an official website is easily accessible online. I get so frustrated when I search online for the name of a restaurant I’ve seen while driving, only to end up with a bunch of obscure results that either lead to a bunch of third party restaurant menu sites (that are almost always outdated) or to a site that doesn’t even display properly. Yet these are the very business owners that will be the first to complain when they have to close shop or try and sell up after a few months ‘because they didn’t get enough business.’


Whenever I question these smaller businesses about why they haven’t bothered to make their presence known online, I hear a host of excuses such as, “It’s too expensive,” “But I’m in the phone directory,” or “I’m not technically minded, so it’s pointless for me to even try and go online.” Even if you yourself are not able to navigate the internet or search for anything online, you can bet your bottom dollar that many other people only search online when they are looking for business information. And I mean, c’mon, who still uses phone directories nowadays?


A great example of why advertising is needed for any business: A man wakes up in the morning in an advertised bed. He brushes his teeth with advertised toothpaste and drinks a cup of advertised coffee. He drives to his office in his advertised car and sits in his advertised office chair. Yet, when approached regarding purchasing advertising for his business, he doesn’t seem it to be a necessary expense. However, when his business fails, he is quick to place an advert stating, “Going out of business sale.”


A few examples:


Pelagos Café


Pelagos Café is hands down some of the best Greek food I have ever eaten. Every season this establishment is crowded with white hairs and snowbirds salivating for their next falafel. Why wait for season? People still visit during the off season.


What do the search results pull up when searching for the site? Not a website =(



Panda Pavilion


Let’s face it – Chinese food is a once or twice per/month staple in many homes. Nothing makes me happier than finding a great establishment that serves up some tasty Chinese food (yum). This one is my favorite but I don’t always have a menu handy. Panda Pavilion is a classic establishment here in Naples yet no website (this makes me sad). Maybe they don’t feel like they need one but they are wrong. Young people are taking over Naples and eventually there will be many more “Chinese food places” type searches happening in Google.


Folks, this happens a lot. Why?

Internet Searches – Not Just for College Students Anymore

Many people have also told me that they think the internet is only used by kids and college students. Heck no, not anymore. More and more research is coming to light revealing that there are now more over 50s and 60s using the internet than ever before. I know that if I was a business owner, I certainly wouldn’t want to be losing out on such a large chunk of potential clientele – after all, brunching or enjoying a great restaurant dinner is one of the most popular activities that are enjoyed by the older generation.


Claim your Piece of Online Real Estate

If you think that you don’t need a website because you are located in a seasonal beach town, think again. More and more of these towns are seeing an influx of students and younger couples are locating to these towns than ever, which is why you need to be sure that your business is ready for them. If you don’t have the technical knowledge and expertise to develop a website and/or just place your business’s contact details online, it’s time to enlist the help of a company that does. These days, you will often find that companies that develop websites will also have the required level of expertise to create and maintain social media profiles for your business as well – a definite win-win.


Information Needed on a Website

OK, you’ve decided to ‘get a website and go online.’ Now what? Now is the time to hire an expert company that will be able to provide your business with the best quality online presence possible. Here at Brandignity, we don’t ‘just sell websites.’ We encompass the entire online marketing experience to ensure that you get more than your money’s worth. Our expert team will ensure that you get a fully responsive website that ranks as high as possible in online searches, and if required, a full marketing and social media service can be provided as well.


If you would like to claim your piece of the online marketing pie for your seasonal or not-so-seasonal business, get in touch with us at Brandignity today.

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