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The advancements in how pictures, videos, and advertisements are incorporated into web design are truly amazing. Web designers are able to offer clients more media options than ever before. This is surely a positive thing; however, you should make note that media is only valuable when used properly. In the world of web design, media has and always will be complimentary to clear, concise content. Put simply: content is king in web design. Your site should use the following to get clicks and make money:


Search Engine Optimized Content

The goal of web design is to create a site that functions as a revenue generating asset. It’s been shown that 96% of customers will click on a site that’s shown on first page google results. For this reason, you want your site on that first page. The way to make that happen is by using search engine optimized (SEO) content. This type of content includes the key words that people are typing into google. It also uses those same keywords to deliver a powerful and relevant message.

A Strong Value Proposition

Value proposition is what separates your company from the competitor. It’s the number one determinant in whether or not a customer will read and navigate through your site or hit the back button. The best way to state it is through text. No picture or video can form a stronger value proposition than simple language text.


Here’s a great example of simple value proposition. 


Value Proposition


Product or Service Descriptions

Product or service descriptions are best conveyed through text that’s based on targeted customers’ needs. High value customers (HVC) should also come first. Your product or service descriptions should always reach out and grab the attention of this particular group.


Blog Posts

Search engines love frequently updated content. A great way to update your content without changing your value proposition or product/service descriptions is through a consistently updated blog. Blogs can be updated whenever you want. They can also give you an opportunity to use text to convey yourself as a relative expert and establish a unique relationship with customers.

Blog Posts



As previously mentioned, media is only valuable when used as a compliment to content. Web design serves a similar role. Once clicked on, your site has one to five seconds to draw a customer in. Effective design and media is how this is done. Your design and media creates the first impression that keeps visitors on your site. It should work in harmony with content. Media can always be incorporated into text as long as it’s customized and stands out. One common mistake people make is not making media large enough for the customers to see. Another is using it in an irrelevant place in the text.


No one wants a web site that doesn’t make any money. If you’re frustrated with your website and want answers, consult a web designer who can help you make the changes you need. Remember that content is always king. Use it in conjunction with excellent web design and media and your companies web page will turn the type of profit you’ve always wanted.

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