Boost Sales Using Two Proven Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Techniques


There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your company’s sales steadily increase. An increasing amount of money in the bank is always good for business. It’s a sign that customers are happy with your services and/or products, and that your business model is working. With that being said, increasing sales isn’t easy. It takes teamwork, communication, and effective marketing campaigns. In today’s business world, owners must realize that marketing techniques are evolving. Digital marketing is becoming more popular and effective than ever.


Digital marketing actually started in the 1980’s when automobile companies would send floppy disks with car promotion content on them to customers. Since then, it’s evolved into a giant sales platform. The internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital mediums fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. Current new techniques associated with digital marketing are far too many to list and are often times a waste of your precious time and money. In this post, we’ll list and explain two tried and true digital marketing techniques that can and will boost your sales.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO isn’t the sexiest form of digital marketing out there, but it’s certainly one of the most effective. Consider this: 96% of customers click on first page google search results. That’s a strong statistic. If you want your sales to increase, you need to be on that first page. Understanding how search engines work is complicated because their constantly evolving. It’s recommended that you contact a digital marketing company who uses proven SEO techniques to help their clients. Ask for testimonials when researching a company. They can be your most valuable asset in determining whether or not a company produces results.


Email Marketing

Again, not the newest and sexiest digital marketing technique, but certainly one of the most effective. The key with email marketing is to make sure it’s effective. Simply sending out emails isn’t enough to increase sales. Your emails have to have a purpose. They have to target, engage, and enable your customers. Some of the ways to do this are:


  • A/B Testing– In regards to email marketing, A/B testing involves varying the subject line and body content of your emails to determine which have the highest engagement/conversion rate. It’s extremely effective in helping you identify and implement marketing content that works.
  • Reward loyal customers– It’s no secret that only a small percentage of customers provide businesses with the most revenue. Rewarding these loyal customers through email incentives is a proven way to increase sales and revenue. Gift card incentives and loyal customer rewards programs are a way of doing this.


SEO and email marketing are two proven digital marketing techniques that when used properly will increase your sales. They’re relatively easy to use and can be implemented into your marketing campaign in very little time. If you’re interested in increasing sales without wasting time and money, SEO and email marketing are the way to go. As other digital marketing techniques come and go, they stick around because they always produce results.

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