The Top On-Page SEO Strategies (Backed by Case Studies)

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As time goes on, SEO becomes more and more complex. Google’s algorithm, with its countless updates and tweaks, is an ever-shifting mystery that we’re all trying to solve. Thankfully, some things have stayed the same throughout the years, but even these strategies must first be tested by case studies before they can be approved as viable options for your SEO approach.


Join us as we look at the top on-page SEO strategies that you can start implementing immediately for higher rankings and better traffic from organic search results!


3 On-Page SEO Strategies Backed by Case Studies

Search engine optimization is a fickle thing. It’s impossible to say with exact certainty what will and won’t work for certain. Instead, the only way to prove that a strategy is viable, is to examine case studies that show real proof of the strategy’s potential.


Here are three strategies, complete with case studies and in-depth examinations of how you can implement them today.


1. Keyword Optimization


Far too many website owners look over the different hosting companies, choose one, and then set up their website without any consideration for search engine optimization techniques. While keyword optimization carries less weight than it once did, it still provides the foundation for a successful strategy.


Targeting basic keywords is just the beginning. This terms should be treated as makers for your content. You start with a basic concept, and you dive deeper and deeper until you have something more in-depth and more comprehensive than anything else out there.


For example, looking for more complex keywords that span several terms (known as long-tail keywords) can yield options with less competition and more opportunity for targeted traffic. Take for example, this Level1Tec case study, which examined a Seattle-based automotive tuning shop.


Read Case Study Here


The website didn’t have optimized copy and very little keyword usage. In just six months, after optimizing for keywords and giving the content a thorough pass for fluff and opportunities to provide more in-depth information, they saw huge results.


They had 9 pages in a #1 spot on Google after having none, and ranked #1 in Google for 29 keywords. Another 52 keywords ranked in the top 50.


2. Local SEO


Local SEO is something many businesses neglect, but it can be a huge boon for business. Research done by Google has shown that 50% of local searches result in store visits the same day. The best part, is that local SEO uses many of the same strategies as organic SEO.


Many websites are mere keywords away from rankings in local results. All it takes is a focus on the physical location and the proper keywords to show where the business is based. With the Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel case study, we see a website with clustered pages and no local SEO efforts.


Read Case Study Here


By splitting up products into separate pages and targeting local Boston, MA keywords, the site was able to see a 500% spike in traffic between the months of April and July! Furthermore, keyword rankings appeared for hundreds of keywords, 101 of which were in first!

3. Image Optimization


On-page SEO encompasses every element of your on-site content. This goes beyond text and extends to your visuals as well. If you’re not practicing proper image optimization, you could be missing out on key SEO factors.


Images should be optimized for ideal loading times, and they should have optimized titles and alt-text. Search engines use alt-text to understand what an image is portraying, so without it, you might as well not have any images in the eyes of Google.


It’s a lot to leave on the table, as the Shift Innovations case study shows. After making these changes and filling in the data needed for images, saw a huge increase in keyword rankings, including several new #1 positions.


Read Case Study Here


Final Thoughts

On-Page SEO is something that can be greatly improved with the proper strategies. Which tactics have you used to enhance your on-page optimization? Let us know in the comments!
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