How Inspirational Animated Videos Can Help To Promote Your Business Ideology

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Cartoon animations used to be a central part of life for many of us growing up. As kids, many of us would immerse ourselves in hours of chores or study in exchange for a few hours of screen time on Cartoon Network. Over time, many of these cartoons had a profound impact on us, and it’s not hard to identify at least a lesson or two that you lifted from an episode of Tom & Jerry.

Thus, the power of animated videos can never be underestimated, especially for small businesses that are struggling to survive in a competitive business environment. Animation videos, especially those that carry an inspirational message, can help boost your marketing campaign while making your customers more endeared to your brand. They enable you to communicate your brand’s story in a more memorable and believable platform. And best of all, you can relay that story within a few seconds.


Here’re a few ways that inspirational animation videos can help you promote your brand and message.


Improved online visibility

The online potential of a good video can never be underestimated by small businesses with an online presence. A small business that uses video as part of its promotional campaign stands a better chance of higher rankings on search engines compared to businesses that stick with other forms of digital marketing.


In many cases, a simple explainer video can increase a website’s visibility by extending the average time visitors spend on the site, sometimes by up to 1500%. This tells Google and other search engines that your website is legit enough for the high table, which sees your site going up in search rankings.


Additionally, animated videos can get your small business gain mileage with YouTube, the world’s largest video search engine. Viewers can watch your animated videos, get inspired by your brand’s message, and find their way to your website.


Increased conversion rates

So, with more people hanging around your website, there’s a chance that a good number of them will proceed to purchase your product or service after watching your video. In fact, up to 85% of potential customers often go ahead to complete their purchase soon after checking out your product/service video.


An inspirational animation video combines a potent mix of emotions, voice, sound effects, text, music, and other forms of media that efficiently sums up your brand’s message and enables the customer to make a buying decision quicker. Moreover, integrating a text to speech generator brings an innovative flair, infusing your video with dynamic narration and captivating viewers in an entirely new dimension of engagement.


Better user engagement

Videos are a master in the art of engagement. The modern world is filled with tons of distractions all baying for attention from potential customers. This is why only a few people will have the time to go through the web pages on your website, trying to find information about your company or product.


On the other hand, if you use a short animated explainer video on your landing page to explain your brand, product, or service, you stand a better chance of engaging with your target customers effectively and for a longer period, resulting in better brand promotion.


Improved brand awareness

For small businesses, establishing and communicating the brand message can be a challenging endeavor. You have to compete with established brands offering the same product and service within your area, which can make it difficult for potential customers to identify with your brand – or “the new guy.”


Animation videos can give your small business a head-start when it comes to promoting your brand. One of the many ways animation videos can be beneficial for brand awareness is by promoting your brand’s color. In fact, 85% of instantaneous buying decisions can be attributed to color alone, which also helps to describe the personality and nature of your brand. In essence, animated videos help to color your brand, literally.


Whiteboard animation videos are especially effective at driving brand awareness. For instance, Spiel Whiteboards, a company that specializes in whiteboard animation videos, has created dozens of memorable, thought-provoking videos for brands such as the National History Museum in Britain and eBay. Their designers often combine engaging storylines with the right assortment of colors and creativity that leaves the viewer with a permanent impression of the brand in question.


Reduce marketing time and costs

Animation videos are comparably easier and less costly to create, distribute, and track compared with other marketing platforms. You can actually get a simple animation video with your own message, logo, and other brand information for free from many online providers – that is, if you’re willing to overlook time limitations and annoying watermarks.


Still, even if you were to buy a plan from the likes of PowToon or GoAnimate, you’d still be making a lot of savings compared with shooting and marketing a professional video.


Plus, a video can remain on the internet for eternity, which means you don’t have to keep on renewing your ad plan when it runs out like with TV ads. Additionally, with a little bit of effort, you can link your animated videos to your social media channels and have them shared freely and endlessly.


With the right inspirational message, animated videos can provide your small business with a limitless pool of marketing resources and help you compete with bigger brands within your area of business.


About The Author:

Irene Fatyanova is a content writer, working with TechnicalMindsWeb.Com who loves reporting on the latest web design and online marketing trends, WordPress and eCommerce solutions. Apart from writing tech articles, she’s keen on photography and has a couple of cool Photoshop image retouching tricks up her sleeve. You can Irene on Twitter, and Google +.

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