Cannabis Marketing Alternatives When Social Platforms Don’t Allow Ads

cannabis marketing alternatives


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a high yielding marketing system whereby a business pays a fixed rate to a search engine or website whenever someone clicks its advertisement. Pay Per Click advertisements usually focus on specific keywords and they appear above search results on Google. Currently, all search engines and social media platforms forbid cannabis PPC adverts. However, your brand can rank highly on search engines by applying the organic alternative cannabis marketing tips we’re about to discuss.


3 Strategies for Enhancing Organic Marketing for Your Cannabis Brand


1. Publish High-Quality Blog Posts Consistently

One way of gaining authority in today’s market is by providing credible information to your audience. Publishing articles also enables your audience to make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis products. This approach also helps you rank highly in search engines by dominating relevant keywords.


A keyword is a word or phrase people type into search engines to obtain specific information. For instance, when you type “best cannabis deliveries in LA”, Google will display a list of marijuana dispensaries that offer online purchases and deliveries.


2. Create Unique Videos with Informative Content

A 2017 WordStream marketing research reveals that video marketing outperforms other forms of advertising by 49%.  This method has a high conversion rate because people are more likely to remember images or sounds compared to printed information. You don’t need to create expensive videos to grow your audience because the priority is providing credible and relevant information.


You can make audiences have a better understanding of your products by publishing video tutorials on YouTube. Product comparison videos draw a lot of engagement in the comments section and this provides insights relevant to your consumer’s needs. Also, your brand gains better rankings for targeted keywords because search engines rely on YouTube as a credible source of information.


3. Collaborate with Online Cannabis Influencers

An influencer is a public figure who sways consumers’ opinions in a particular industry through possessing specialized knowledge or practical experience. In the cannabis industry, you’ll come across influencers who shape consumers’ opinions through posting product comparison and review videos. For instance, Dope As Yola from California is a well-known online cannabis influencer with over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. Premium cannabis brands such as RAW and Stizzy have previously collaborated with Dope As Yola when launching products.


You can increase your brand’s awareness by getting your products reviewed by a popular online cannabis influencer. This approach is effective in generating curiosity towards your brand because if the cannabis influencer likes your product, his or her audience will rush to dispensaries or smoke shops to purchase it.


Collaboration with a cannabis influencer can also help you establish relationships with stakeholders on different levels. He or she can introduce you to cannabis dispensary owners in your city that are interested in purchasing your strains.


Apply These Strategies Today


Publishing unique and credible information enables your brand to rank highly in search engines and maximize online traffic flowing to your website. Start applying these marketing strategies in your cannabis business today because it’s the only way to dominate your targeted keywords.

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