3 High Yield Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

small business marketing


Growing a business is never an easy venture. To establish a credible foundation, you must first come up with a feasible idea. The work does not end there, however, as you also need to find something of value to sell, as well as who to sell them to. It could be a product or service, but then comes the trickiest part: getting the word out about your business. You need to find a way to make your brand visible, and then encourage people to trust you.


The right marketing strategies are readily available, but which one will work best for your business? You need to boost visibility and increase sales, so which one holds the magic formula? Social media, content, or email? It can be incredibly frustrating, especially since you’re working on limited resources.


The good news is that strategies can be used together, helping you come up with campaigns that deliver. Without further ado, here are three marketing strategies your small business needs to invest in:


Strategy #1: Content blogging for authority

Content is the non-negotiable currency of the digital world. If you don’t have a blog for your small business yet, you must begin as soon as possible. Blogging entails more than just writing, however—you’ll need to write with authority in mind, as this is the only way to gain good brand visibility.


Make use of other platforms such as Quora and Reddit, along with LinkedIn. These are authority domains commanding vast amounts of users, ensuring that your content reaches the eyes and ears of many. Remember to post with purpose, though—audiences will know half-baked content when you see them, so offer them relevant and valuable information.


Strategy #2: Influencers for social media

Social media is a vast world that can be difficult to navigate, and it could take years to build a loyal audience. Although that may be the case, there are faster ways to capture audiences, such as leveraging influencers. They have built names in the social media world, meaning that they already have followers your brand can be introduced to.


The key is to find the right influencer, specifically those with fewer followers. You don’t need an influencer with a million followers. So long as they have the right audience, you’ll be able to effectively spread your message, thereby increasing brand awareness.


Strategy #3: Email marketing

Although various digital tools exist today, traditional forms of marketing still reign supreme. Email marketing, for instance, can be a great way to encourage prospective customers to purchase once again. You usually capture information once they visit your website, and these leads can be nurtured into loyal customers. By reaching out to them using personalized email marketing campaigns, you’re able to pique their interest once more.


Keep in mind that these visitors are already interested in your brand—all they need is a little nudge, so keep sending them valuable content to further the trust and connection. You can also invest in sales and promotions, which can help accelerate their purchase decision making.


Begin Growing Your Small Business Today

Small businesses usually operate under small budgets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing in powerful marketing strategies. Those listed above are budget-friendly, and you don’t need much apart from patience, determination, and sheer dedication. As you begin crafting your marketing plan, keep these high-yielding strategies in mind. You’ll be enjoying conversions, sales, and success in no time!


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