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Per an article from MDedge, the demand for dermatologists has grown significantly in the last 50 years, and the supply of dermatologists in 2020 struggles to meet the demand. Though dermatology is a fantastic field that will only continue to grow, it’s still important to account for competition from other local practices and create a solid marketing campaign that will boost your brand recognition and visibility. Focusing on the latest dermatology trends is the best way to do just that. Here are some ideas on how to take your dermatologist marketing strategy to the next level.


The Importance of a Digital Presence in Dermatology

In today’s digital age, it’s critical for all businesses across all industries to market themselves online. An study conducted by Pew Research Centers and published on the University of Illinois at Chicago website indicates that 80% of consumers search health-related subjects online, and 44% use the internet as a tool to find health professionals. This means that nearly half of the people you see in your dermatology practice have already researched their concerns via the internet, and many of them searched the web for a list of providers before they made an appointment with you.


To put it simply, as more people see you on the internet, whether it’s a blog post you wrote, a social media update you shared, or a Google Ad you purchased, the more potential clients you will reach, and the more appointments you will find yourself setting. It’s possible to make your online marketing campaign even more effective, though, by building it around current trends using a multi-faceted approach.


What Does Multi-Faceted Mean?

Think about digital marketing as a whole like a mighty, powerful river. It’s powerful, but without some alterations, the water won’t reach every town in the vicinity. By taking a multi-faceted approach to your campaign, you’re essentially digging out tributaries that help the water reach the people who need it the most. For a dermatology practice, your campaign should focus on:


  • Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process that helps your website satisfy search engines’ criteria for high results rankings. The better your SEO, the more traffic you get. It involves everything from creating a visually-appealing, fast website that is easy for your visitors to navigate to ensuring that the content you provide is relevant and well-written. With SEO, it’s all about improving the search engine user’s experience.
  • Social Media – Social media is incredibly powerful these days. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic and Parade Magazine, almost half of all Americans turn to social media for health and wellness advice – even before they see their doctors. With a solid social media presence, it’s possible to reach those individuals and help them find the care they need.
  • Blogging – You should be blogging each month using your targeted keywords. 2 per/week is ideal.


Researching Current Trends

Digital marketing agencies focus on generating content – whether that means a blog, a social media post, or even a press release – that is based on the terms people search for the most. There are tools to help determine which services are most popular in online searches, and in many cases, you might even look back through your own data to discover the services that your practice provides most frequently. Then, those words and terms are carefully added to professionally-written content and posted on your website, social media accounts, directories, and more. Those terms can also be utilized to create paid advertisements through various platforms, which can generate even more traffic and revenue.


The Benefits of On-Trend Content

Incorporating recent dermatology trends into your content with carefully-curated SEO serves more than one purpose, too. This kind of optimization also benefits your dermatology practice by:


  • Providing a source of dynamic content. Search engines like Google utilize complex algorithms to determine which webpages to show to their users first, and an important part of satisfying their criteria involves ensuring that your website is dynamic. Updating it frequently by adding new blog posts or adding new webpages is by far the best way to do this.
  • Portraying your practice as modern and capable. When it comes to medical care, people want to know they’re in capable hands who have studied the most recent information about various dermatologic conditions. When your website is always being updated with the latest information and on-trend keywords, your existing and potential clients feel confident about your abilities.
  • Encouraging visitor interactions. If you enable Facebook integration with your blog posts, on-trend content works for you in a different and important way. If you post a blog about the latest injectable and encourage interaction in the comments, you can start a conversation that helps your social media popularity soar.
  • Helping you become an authority in your field. Finally, part of being competitive in your field involves showing that you are the authority on dermatology. Posting informational content about trendy products and procedures will help you stand out as caring, knowledgeable, and authoritative.


The benefits involved in utilizing a multi-faceted digital marketing approach that keeps up with the latest trends in dermatology simply cannot be understated. In today’s highly competitive day and age, it’s absolutely critical that your practice makes a name for itself, and without online visibility, that’s difficult to do. Though these processes won’t instantly generate hundreds of new clients for your practice, they do lay the foundation for significant growth in the future.


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