15 Ways to Improve your eCommerce Sales in 2021

ecommerce sales


eCommerce is a booming industry. And thanks to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many new online stores have opened up to facilitate the 2.14 billion digital buyers in 2021. 


But even if there is a guaranteed stream of customers ready to shop online, the fact remains that you must continue to advertise your brand if you want to grow your eCommerce business. Yes, there is more opportunity out there, but there is also more competition. 


However, there is no hard and fast rule to ensure you get more sales on your eCommerce store. It mainly depends on the type of online store you run, the audience you target, and the manner in which you operate your store. 


But yes, some surefire ways can help you accelerate the growth of your business. And as eCommerce keeps shifting and evolving, it is absolutely necessary that business owners adapt to the latest marketing strategies to ensure that their brand stands out from the competition. 


In this post, let’s take a look at the 15 ways you can increase the sales revenue of your eCommerce business in the year 2021. 


Create a Relevant Sales Copy 

First and foremost, your sales copy needs to be honest. This is important in creating a reputation of trust in your business. Making false claims doesn’t work well with the customers of today as they can easily identify when things are too good to be true. 


Instead of pretending to be something you are not, be upfront about your products and services. Go for a straightforward approach in your sales copy and remain consistent across all your pages, social media accounts, and email newsletter. 


Secondly, use the sales copy to your advantage and answer every possible question your consumer might have about your products and services. Use the voice of the customer to create a compelling copy that addresses their every want, need, pain point, and expectation. Stick to the facts that illustrate the customer’s benefits rather than why your company is the best. 


Be Mobile Ready

With 79% of the mobile users making purchases via their smartphones, being mobile ready is imperative for your eCommerce site. And in case your online store is not optimized for mobile devices, then this needs to be at the top of your to-do list. Whether you make a few design tweaks or do a complete redesign, you need to make it possible for your visitors to find and buy your products through a mobile device. 


To achieve the efficiency in your eCommerce site, your website should:


  • Load quickly
  • Be responsive
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Have a straightforward checkout process


Another consideration is to build a mobile app for your eCommerce store. With apps growing in popularity over the past few years, your customers will appreciate the apps more when compared to a website. Plus, users spend 3 – 4 times longer on an app and spend twice as much money on apps than desktop or mobile sites. 


But whether you have a website or an app, make sure that it enhances the experience of the consumer. In turn, you will see an increase in your sales and revenue. 


Meet on Social Media 

By now you must already have a presence on social media. But when was the last time you actively engaged with the visitors from your social media accounts? Probably not recently!


Active engagement with the prospects is one of the most overlooked sales tools. However, when done right, it is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and sales. 


Think about the last time you tweeted to a company, or commented on a brand’s Facebook page – and they actually replied to you personally. How did that make you feel about the brand? I’ll wager that it became significantly more favorable. 


Providing fast, personal, and honest answers to questions that potential or existing customers might have about your brand is an excellent way to increase sales. It will create a sense of trust with the customers and make your brand more legitimate amongst the users. 


Show Off Customer Testimonials

In today’s social media environment, customer feedback is important. And you can use the same to increase your sales significantly in 2021. 


Your satisfied customers will prove to be more influential than even the best-written sales copy, so make sure you include gushy testimonials and reviews from your buyers to showcase how wonderful your products and services are. Highlight them on your product pages, landing pages, social media accounts, and even your homepage to make sure your prospects know about your legitimacy. 


Create Urgency

Modern technology has made it possible for the buyers to reach for their mobile and buy whatever they want almost instantly, without even getting out of bed. This is why it is important that you create a sense of urgency or FOMO (fear of missing out) to nudge the visitors further into becoming customers. 


This can be done by showing limited availability products, time-sensitive offers, or limited edition products. By showing limitations to products availability and discounted rates, you can persuade the prospects to act fast rather than waiting for later to make the purchase. 


Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes, one of the biggest reasons a customer has not to buy something is the desire to avoid a potential loss. Most of the time, the potential risk is a financial one. Why should they buy your product? What if it doesn’t work as advertised? What if the consumer doesn’t like it?


Remember that even the smallest purchase comes with a ‘buyer’s guilt’ so overcome the emotion by offering a money-back guarantee with each purchase. By taking the risk from their buying decision, you will find them more likely to buy from you. 


Use Free Shipping

Free shipping is another way to get prospects to buy from you. In fact, customers often buy more if the shipping is free. It is even more effective than a percentage discount, even if the discount is larger than the shipping cost. 


When offering free shipping, you can either offer it across your entire inventory or set a specific threshold to be eligible for free shipping. You can also entice the consumer by telling them about the free shipping through email newsletters or as an exit-intent popup offer. 

Offer Free Choices

While offering more products is a great way to increase sales, it can also lead to indecision and in turn result in loss of sales. A wide range of products can also overwhelm the visitors and make them go elsewhere. 


If you are offering a lot of products on your eStore, try arranging the products into very narrow categories. This will not only reduce the load on the visitor but also make it easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for. 


Invest in Quality Images

When it comes to an eCommerce store, there are two types of images that you need to utilize. One is the product images that accompany each item you are selling, and the other is used for promotional material such as blog posts and announcements. While you need custom images for the first, you can buy stock photos for the latter to enhance your content. 


But regardless of what you sell, make sure the photos that you include are high-quality and relevant to the content. Avoid tiny thumbnails and poorly lit shots. Also, be sure to add a wide range of pictures for each product from every conceivable angle to give the visitors a comprehensive view. This will make their purchase decision easy. 

Target Audiences on Facebook

With roughly 2.85 billion monthly active users, there is a good chance that your customers are already on Facebook. And one of the best ways to increase online sales in 2021 is to use your buyer’s persona to find people that will be attracted to your products and services. 


Luckily, Facebook offers a very detailed ad targeting option that lets you target users based on the size of their home, the university they attend, and even their next vacation spot. 


Lookalike audience is another feature that helps business owners find prospects that share characteristics with the existing customer. With the data available, you can easily create highly targeted ads on Facebook to entice the ‘target’ audience in becoming your customer. 


Create a Straightforward Checkout Process

Cart abandonment is nothing new, and many consumers leave their e-carts in the midst of the checkout process. While the reason for this can be many, experts believe that having friction or obstacles in the checkout process impacts the conversion rates. 


Because of this, you should make your checkout process as straightforward as possible. Remove any unnecessary steps from your checkout process that will dissuade the prospect from converting. Skip useless fields in the form. And above all, don’t time them out and make them start over from the beginning. 


Provide Multiple Payment Options

So your business accepts only credit cards on their eStore. But what if the customer wants to pay through PayPal? Or Stripe? What about Google Wallet payments?


These days, the consumers have more choice than ever in terms of how they actually pay for goods and services. By offering them more payment options, especially those that are increasingly becoming popular on mobile, you are making it easier for the prospects to give you money. 


Implement Tiered Pricing

When at a restaurant, most of us tend to avoid the cheapest and the most expensive dish and go for the middle-tier offering as the most appetizing. This is a technique called ‘decoy pricing’ that many restaurants use to manipulate customers. Well, the same can be used to increase online sales. 


While creating a pricing structure, include a third ‘decoy’ option. This will push the people to go for the middle option – the one that you want them to buy and ultimately increase your sales. 


Make the Experience Personal

The customers are often annoyed when their shopping experience is not personalized. This is why it is important that you provide them with the most personalized experience possible. 


The process is incredibly simple. Just integrate a live chat tool to your CRM and retrieve customer details like their email address, browning history, and chat history. With this information, you can offer them a customized service and ultimately a better experience. 


Use Remarketing

When it comes to eCommerce, one thing to always remember is that the customer will rarely purchase the first time they visit your site. And maybe not even the second time. But the more exposure your brand gets, the more likely the visitors will convert. 


This is where Remarketing comes in! With remarketing, you can position your brand at the forefront of the minds of your prospect. It will also provide you with additional possibilities to persuade them into becoming customers. 


To increase your sales, try targeting the users that visit your site but did not purchase. Or ones that clicked on a particular product but abandoned the cart at the last moment. Offers these customers with incentive to complete the transactions. 


Final Words

Marketing campaigns take time, effort, and resources to thrive. If you want to outperform your competitors and make it big in the year 2021, follow the above tips and gradually see the results. Good luck!

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