5 Ways Video Content Can Improve Your SEO



With video content gaining popularity among users, more and more brands are investing in video creation. Therefore, Google too prefers video content to cater to user preferences. So it is only befitting to leverage videos to improve SEO.


In other words, videos you create for brand visibility can impact your search engine rankings. Repurposing your video content for video-rich snippets and video carousels in search results can help position your business on top in SERPs.


If you are still unsure or contemplating prioritising video content, here are the top ways how videos impact SEO and why you should leverage video content to improve SEO.


Google prioritises video content for SERPs

Google ranks websites with video content on top SERPs for mainly one reason – user preference. And consumers like information that’s easy to digest. Since videos offer more clarity, it has become a widely popular format for content consumption.


Another reason Google shows video results to match search queries is to the point, relevant information. Texts can be long-winded, while videos focus on a single topic. Research shows that a one-minute video offers more clarity than text, requiring 1.8 million words to communicate the same information.


In short, it saves time, and people want to save time when looking for information online. Therefore, businesses need to publish valuable video content to meet quick and comprehensive information demand. 


To optimise your videos for SERPs, conduct keyword research. It’ll help you understand how to choose a video topic that convinces users to watch a particular video. Include those keywords in the video transcript and meta for better SEO ranking.


Videos help boost traffic

People who interact with your video content on social media or YouTube are more likely to visit your website for more information. Subsequently, they’ll recommend the good content on your website to people with similar interests. This influx of traffic eventually boosts SEO.


But you’ll need relevant, quality videos; a video maker online makes quality video creation achievable. Web pages with videos that answer the search queries directly are Google’s favourite. Therefore, to attract traffic with quality videos, focus on answering user queries directly. 


Apart from that, pay attention to video-based ads (paid media) for paid traffic; embed short, informative videos in press releases to build authority (earned media). Likewise, engage people on social media by following trends to post video content (owned media). Let your paid, earned, and owned media work simultaneously to gain traffic. 


That’s why B2B and B2C businesses are focusing more on attracting traffic through videos. They are investing in video makers online and hiring graphic designers for high-quality content.


The content range on website improves SEO

Creating personas for your target group is essential, but it’ll only be effective if your content is optimised to their liking. Since different users prefer different information formats, optimise your website content for the same. 


Google also considers everything, including text, image, and video, to assess how relevant a web page is to a keyword. When you use a combination of all formats, you convince Google that your website is a varied resource for users. Therefore, you should add video content to your blogs, homepage, and other web pages apart from text and images.


But posting a few videos won’t do the trick. Be consistent and offer useful information. Add industry keywords in the title, description, transcript, and video.


Once you have impressed target users with your power of varied yet valuable information, the next step is delivering high-end products or services. The battle is only half won for any online business if there is traffic but no conversion. So, include CTA wherever relevant. Take users down your marketing funnel. Show how they can have the promising service that your video speaks of.


YouTube videos strengthen link building strategy

Creating YouTube videos is a great link building strategy for brand recognition. Once you have established brand authority, it is easier to direct people from YouTube to the website through incentives (a free trial or giveaway).


If brand recognition through link building is a part of your strategy, we suggest including your brand name or logo in the video. A short brand intro or outro sequence is great. You don’t need hefty video editing tool for this; a free video maker online can do the trick.


Are you aware that a URL from a video description or YouTube channel info counts as qualified referral traffic? Such non-paid traffic helps boost your SEO ranking.

YouTube channel

Besides, relevant and in-depth videos give you a chance to thrive on other creators’ procrastination. How? You produce a quality video that other website owners would like to share instead of producing one. Similarly, bloggers like to link to informative videos but don’t want to invest time in creating one. This way, even if you lack video content on-site, your YouTube videos garner views and links that indirectly influence your SERPs ranking. So, it’s your chance to shine.


Videos influence bounce rate

Since you are willing to improve SEO, you might know what a bounce rate is. Google Analytics considers the amount of time a user spends on your website. It means if a user is spending more time on the website, your content is useful. 


What better way to keep users hooked longer than videos? So increased visit time leads to reduced bounce rate, thereby influencing your SEO ranking. 


So include variety in your videos. Here are a few video types you can create for your website using video maker online:


  • Recordings of live streams, tutorials, explainer videos, how-to videos – for blogs and guides
  • Presentations, Video ads, Product demos – for press releases and homepages
  • Video ads, testimonials, product videos and reviews – for landing pages


Is it worth investing in videos?

Yes, videos are the trend and will help with voice optimisation for SEO over time. In addition to this, Wyzowl’s report found 87% of marketers saw a boost in traffic due to videos on the website. Furthermore, a digital marketing agency case study shows branded video content (listed for video search results) for a retailer website, resulting in 33,000 impressions and 400 clicks in 16 months.


Final thoughts

The only way to improve your SEO is to be aware of trends in content consumption. At present, high-quality videos are the trend. So a successful website is the one with videos, but remember, quality is more superficial than quantity. Don’t bombard your website with generic, poor quality videos in bulk; Google will know. Take help from professional video tool for video ideas, templates, and great video quality.


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