How Do Recent Trends in Customer Service Impact Marketing?

Customer Service Marketing


Any company’s growth depends on customers and customer service. As such, your customer service must also be exceptional to keep your customers. Treat them poorly, and they will reciprocate the same energy. They’ll feel like you’re being selfish, ditch you and opt for caring rivals.


Put plainly, your customers are the real boss because the company ceases to exist without them. This reality forces every business to keep up with customer service trends less they lose their real bosses. 


At the core of top-notch customer service support is a collection of systems, processes, and tools that turn your strategies into excellent customer satisfaction. 


The foundation of modern customer support is hinged on the cloud. Traditional call centers are now on the cloud by leveraging cloud call center software solutions alongside other tools to maximize customer service experience. As such, these trends improve customer satisfaction and impacts your marketing too. 


Some of the post-pandemic customer technology trends redefining the business landscape include: 


  • 24/7 omnichannel customer support 
  • Real-time support to resolve customer problems faster. 
  • Automation streamlining customer support services under a single platform 


Before we unpack these key trends and their impact on marketing, let’s first understand what customer service technology entails. 

What Is Customer Service Technology?

The trends we are about to unpack are primarily driven by technology in customer service support. Customer service technology is a collection of tools, systems, and strategies that maximize your customer service. 


It is designed to enhance high return on investment (ROI). It does this by turning your business process towards customers. It also develops effective communication strategies to enhance the exceptional customer experience across all channels. 


Your marketing efforts must also adapt to these changing customer service trends. As such, you can leverage them to scale your marketing efforts. So let’s explore how these recent customer service trends are impacting marketing. 

Reliable 24/7 Omnichannel Support Through Cloud Call Center

Companies no longer work on two contact points like in the old days using phone or fax. Now there are more channels, and some are popping up. You currently have a phone, email, live chat, social media, SMS, and private messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. 


As such, omnichannel support is the best approach companies are resorting to keep up. The greatest customer service should always meet the customer where they are. With reliable 24/7 omnichannel support, customers can choose the suitable channel to connect to a support agent. 


As such, your company can create a smooth customer experience that maximizes customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits of 24/7 omnichannel support include; 


  • On-the-go customer service that scales your business performance 
  • Ability to provide real-time support may it be through video, text, or voice chat 
  • Uncover deep insights from customer profiles


These benefits can also improve your marketing campaigns. You can easily reach your customers on their preferred channel. You can quickly streamline your customer support and marketing campaigns across multiple channels under a single platform. 


So, how do you implement or upgrade your customer service to catch up? Besides, you should achieve this whether you have an internal or outsourced customer support team. 


With the current trend in remote work, you’ll also need to empower the remote team to be efficient as an in-house team. A cloud call center software solution can help you implement 24/7 omnichannel support. It will empower your agents wherever they are. They can plug in using a phone or laptop and ensure you offer reliable round-the-clock support. 


Plus, there is zero on-premise hassle; you do not need to worry about system updates, security, hard drives, etc. Get your internet connection right, and the rest is handled by the firms like Bright Pattern cloud software solution providers. 

Real-Time Support and Increase in Video Marketing 

Another incredible customer service trend is real-time support through live chat. You can do it using audio or video chat. But, video is more effective and impactful in customer service support and marketing. 


A live chat lets you guide the customer step-by-step regarding their queries on your services and products. People spent about half a trillion hours on mobile live streaming apps in 2020 alone. The industry is projected for more growth in the future. 


So, including real-time support as part of your customer service support strategy can benefit you in various ways:


  • Resolve customer’s issues instantly
  • Saves time for both agent and customer.  
  • Increases chances of conversation rates hence higher sales revenues. 
  • Improve customer engagement and overall satisfaction. 


Since it can also drive conversion rates and enhance customer engagement, live streaming or live chat can improve your marketing too. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction Using Customer Service Automation

The rise in messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, etc., has prompted an increase in AI chatbot adoption. Chatbots are automated widgets that can act as customer service agents on your website. 


But chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can do more than simplified tasks. They can track orders, suggest products based on user preference, improve conversion sales, etc. 


Since it can ask and help guide a user to the right resources, it can pick web visitors’ behavior, taste, and preferences. Those insights can be helpful for other marketing campaigns. As such, automation of customer support through tools like AI chatbots can maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your team. 


Plus, it can save you money by reducing the number of human agents on standby. You will only need to escalate complex tickets to human agents.  


You can check out leading chatbot providers relevant to your industry to help leverage automated customer service support.

Final Thoughts

Customer service support is a growth-driving factor you can not afford to miss. Recent trends like reliable 24/7 omnichannel support, an increase in AI chatbots, and live chat increase customer engagement and satisfaction. So, you must keep up with relevant customer service trends to leverage your growth. 


The trends can also impact your brand positioning and conversion rates, thus scaling your marketing efforts. To adapt to these trends, you can use cloud call center software solutions, AI chatbots, and live streaming platforms. 

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