3 Methods to Find the Right Influencers for You

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Maybe you think that you can discover social media influencers just by opening your preferred social media app. While it’s simple enough to find an influencer, it might be difficult to locate the ones who will actually bring value to your business.


It is essential to spend some time looking at every profile you find and make sure they’re in line in your business. It is also important to conduct an audit of fake followers and ensure that the influencers are performing well with respect to metrics, in order to avoid influencer fraud.


So where do you look to find social media influencers? There are three ways to accomplish this; let’s take a look at each.


One – Search social media by using hashtags, brand mentions and keywords

This method is completely cost-free, but it will take you the most effort. We’ve compiled some tips to help you if this is the method you choose to use.


Check your brand’s mentions to see if influencers or KOLS are using your name in their posts. Influencers might be trying to grab your company’s attention, as they’re looking to collaborate with you. This goes for your followers too. You might have influencers who are already fans of your brand.


Next, check out your branded hashtags to see if influencers use these hashtags in their posts. You can also create a list of hashtags relevant to your products, brand and industry. Find out who is producing content for those hashtags and see if there are any accounts that appear to be good candidates for your campaign.


Certain networks also let you look up people by keywords. If you’re trying to find TikTok influencers, for example, you can enter keywords on TikTok’s Discover page to find the creators who have posted videos related to them.


It can be time-consuming and difficult, but it’s possible to identify the influencers to promote your campaign via social media. Be aware that you must be sure to scrutinize the profiles you’re interested in. If you’re just using social media, you’ll need to contact influencers to request their media kits in order to do this.


Two – Join an influencer-discovery tool

An influencer discovery tool can help you find influencers with search engine-like software. You filter your search by categories, locations, engagement rate, and more. It is also possible to input keywords or look up specific influencer handles.


These platforms also provide analytics that can take the place of an influencer’s media kit. This means you can cut out waiting around for the influencer to provide the information you require to conduct your analysis. Just open the influencer’s profile on the discovery tool and start analyzing.


Discovery tools are a middle of the road option. They do cost money, however, they’re much less costly when compared to hiring agencies. And you still need to manage your own marketing campaign, but they can make the process of identifying influencers more efficient.


Three – Find an agency to take care of it for you

Engaging an influencer marketing agency is the simplest way to find influencers for your company. With this method, you have to do very little work, as the agency will take the reins. However, it’s also the most expensive choice.


A professional agency will manage the entire campaign, from the initial discovery phase to the final report. The agency will identify influencers, examine their profiles, provide you with a list of choices, and then assist you in choosing the most effective.


They’ll also work with influencers to negotiate the terms of the collaboration, handle administrative tasks such as payments, and keep track of content as influencers share it. Then, at the conclusion of the campaign, they’ll report on the results and offer conclusions about your success.



Influencer discovery tools, agencies, and social media itself can assist you in finding influencers to promote your brand. Influencer marketing is a fantastic method to connect with people who can help you gain brand awareness, engagement, and sales.


It is crucial, though, to thoroughly review influencer profiles prior to working with them. Perform a fake follower check, and ensure that the influencer is healthy in terms of performance stats. Finally, it’s a given that for them to be successful with your brand, the influencers should align with the mission and values of your company.


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