The Top Growth Opportunities for a Young Marketer

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Like any career, becoming a professional marketer requires hard work and dedication to guarantee success. One way to develop professionally is by taking advantage of growth opportunities. The growth opportunities you take part in will vary depending on your marketing niche, skills, and areas you’d like to improve.


But what do those growth opportunities look like and how can they help you develop professionally? Take a look at some of the ways you can become a professional marketer with the growth opportunities listed below.


1. Read About the Industry

Marketing is a constantly evolving field. Reading about it is imperative if you wish to grow and develop in this industry.


Some of the best marketing books educate you on the latest developments and can enhance your skills. However, it can also shape your perspective on how you approach problems within the industry. This means you won’t see things as how they are, but you can look at issues from different scenarios and solve them in ways you wouldn’t have before.


Additionally, reading inspires creativity, helping you to come up with new ideas daily. Consider reading blogs, subscribing to authoritative sources’ newsletters, listening to podcasts and diving into books.


Whichever sources you choose, know that they will be rich in information and extremely helpful to you.


2. Attend Events

Whether you attend a webinar or an in-person conference, these events help you gain direct knowledge from marketing experts. Marketing professionals talk at these events giving you a fresh perspective on things and teaching you winning strategies.


As a young marketing professional, it pays to attend events as the speaker gives you in-depth knowledge and lessons on marketing. Plus, it allows you to network and socialize with others — a huge advantage over every other form of learning.


At a marketing event, you get the chance to meet like-minded individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs who have shared the same experience. Connecting with others fosters growth because they can pass on new ideas you may not have heard of before.


3. Enter an MBA Program

Since marketing is highly versatile, a Marketing MBA program can help you create a fulfilling and stable career. You may want to consider exploring this option as it can expand more career opportunities for you.


Companies recognize the importance of marketing, and an MBA degree can prepare you to respond to the demand for highly qualified marketers.


An MBA doesn’t only educate you on the field. It also prepares you to enhance other professional skills, such as leadership, emotional intelligence and creativity.


Furthermore, it gives you a chance to develop proficiency in other business functions — pertinent to cultivating your expertise for advanced positions.


4. Join Professional Organizations

Becoming a member of a professional marketing association can offer you numerous benefits. It gives you the chance to connect with others in your field and strengthen your business profile.


When you join an association, you also have the opportunity to find mentors. Plus, they can offer you educational opportunities, seminars and certifications that further your industry knowledge.


Aside from getting the chance to educate yourself, having a marketing association on your resume speaks volumes about your commitment to the profession. Clients, employers and colleagues will see you as an asset, which helps advance your career tremendously.


5. Take a Marketing Course

As a young marketing professional, it’s crucial to align your skills with the latest trends in the industry. Doing so increases your marketing abilities and can greatly aid your career.


That’s why marketing courses are crucial. They can teach you about the fundamentals of marketing and help you pick up skills relevant to the industry.


Some marketing courses you may pay for, while others are free. For example, Hubspot Academy offers tons of free courses along with certifications you can add to your resume.


There are several courses available online that you can start today while you relax in the comfort of your home.


Seek Top Growth Opportunities

As a young marketer, it may feel overwhelming to learn about all of the opportunities available for growth. Consider planning a course of action. Assess which areas you find yourself lacking professionally.


By making a plan for yourself, you can continually fill in the gaps of your knowledge and make constant improvements personally and professionally.


Eleanor Hecks is the editor of Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.


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