What 3D Animation Can Do for Product Marketing

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Talk to any marketer, and they will tell you how challenging the job can be. Your role is to convince potential and existing customers how good your products are. That could decide whether they buy from you or the competitors.


Yet there is something marketers need to stay away from. And that is marketing language that seems so focused on selling.


You see, the modern business landscape has changed. We have the internet to thank for all that. Before, you could be the only business selling a particular product on the street.


But now, e-commerce has opened up the market. Your competitor may not even live in the same country as you do. Marketers have had to become more innovative in how they communicate with customers. 


Video content, for example, is quite effective. But with all the brands doing it, a point of differentiation is critical. And one solution is in 3D animation.


Understanding 3D Animation

The global 3D animation brought in $18.39 billion in 2021. Industry experts predict more significant earnings. The projected CAGR is 12.1% till the end of 2030. The optimism lies in audiences wanting more realistic images/experiences.


There is rising demand for 3D games and mobile applications. And such technology is expanding into other areas like medicine, brand communication, etc.


So what is 3D animation? It is a process of using motion to bring digital objects to life. If you walk into animation studios, you will find the image creation so fascinating. Their professional designers create three-dimensional moving objects within a digital environment. 


It is a specialized area of graphic design that uses 3D animation-specific software. The procedure follows three steps:-


  • Modeling is the character generation stage. For product marketing, the designer will scan the picture of the item into the computer. They can also create images with modeling tools.
  • Layout and animation position the model in a particular scenario. They will also assign animation variables. The designers then use motion capture of keyframing to give it life.
  • Rendering is coming up with a finished image.


As you can imagine, a lot of planning and work goes into the process. That is why we refer to 3D animation as a specialized area requiring the right skill set.


3D Animations for Product Marketing

Let us now explore the benefits of 3D animation for product marketing.


Better Product Detailing with 3D Animation


The power of 3D product animation is the amount of detail you can include. This is unlike 2D rendering, which only gives a horizontal or vertical representation.


3d products


3D gives a 360-degree angle, making it easier to understand the different attributes. It works especially well for e-commerce businesses. Remember, the customers cannot touch the tangible product. That means you must make the images as real as possible. That could mean the difference between a sale and none at all.


3D animations are pretty effective in explaining challenging concepts. You can distill the information and present it in digestible bits. Using graphics to provide step-by-step instructions can also be quite effective.


Better Audience Engagement


Getting audiences to engage with content is critical. It can get quite challenging if all you depend on is text. Think about it for a minute. How much time do you think online visitors have to read pages of text? You can achieve better interaction with 3D product animation.


Professional designers can generate exciting and unique rendering. That will pique the customers’ interest to know more about your offering. Not only do you get to engage better with the customers. But, you also have a chance to inform in a less formal and entertaining way.


So, how effective is video content? Well, 94% of marketers attribute better product understanding to video content. 86% believe in the effectiveness of video content for lead generation. 81% of marketers agree that videos have a positive and direct impact on conversions.


3D Animations Provide a Way to Break above the Marketing Clutter


As a marketer, you know how competitive the advertising and marketing landscape is. The situation is worse on the digital platform. There are so many free or cost-effective avenues available. That means brands are doing all they can to use such media.


The only way to break above the clutter is to provide something unique and engaging. And that is what you get with 3D animation. There is no limit to the designs, characters, transitions, and more. Combining images with audio can create more interest.


3d images


There is also the aspect of memorability. It can become boring and uninspiring if everyone does the same thing. It is easy to fall into oblivion, despite your best efforts. Ramp up interest and differentiation with 3D product animation.


Better Cost Management for Product Marketing


Product advertising and marketing can be expensive. Consider how much it would cost to shoot an advertisement, for example. You must pay for production, location, models, etc. Your budget also determines how many ads you can shoot for a specific campaign.


Coming up with 3D animations is not as expensive. Most of the third-party costs above may not even be applicable. The one thing you should not ignore is the importance of working with professionals. Indeed, look at it as an investment towards achieving better sales.


The designers will also give you a catalog of renderings you can use as you wish. That provides more flexibility in the type of content you can share. It becomes easy to update your messaging across different platforms.


The right type of animations can also increase traffic to your website. You can also use them on your social media platforms. With high creativity, audiences can share such content, making it go viral. You find that you can reach a significant audience pool with a small budget.


Final Thoughts

We have shared some statistics on the power of video marketing above. But as we said, there will be no differentiation if everyone does the same thing. That is why you should take advantage of 3D product animation as a brand. It is an effective way to break above the clutter.


The unique nature of the videos will increase memorability. Audiences are likely to remember something exciting, so you always remain top-of-mind.


Do seek professional 3D animators to create your videos. Whatever you put out in the market represents the brand. It will impact customer perception towards your products and services.



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