Why November is the Perfect Time to Improve Brand Awareness

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Every month is an excellent time to improve brand awareness — but November is incredibly effective. Whether it’s making more streamlined visuals for video content or refining your unique brand voice, November provides a striking opportunity by giving businesses more concentrated attention from customers.


What makes November such a great time to make enhancements or shifts in a branding strategy?


The Average Screen Time Increases

November can signify the start of staying indoors, therefore increasing screen time. The time change causing shorter days alongside the crisp, cold air of autumn — in certain parts of the world — makes it justifiable to cozy up inside.


This is a perfect opportunity to create themed content, which not only informs followers how you’re embracing seasonality but also reminds companies how malleable their brand identity must be to cut through variations in seasonal design.


With this behavior, habits and ways people spend their leisure time change. It shifts from walks in the park and spending time near the water to curling up on couches, making indoor crafts and putting up decor. Brands can capitalize on this, creating content that fits this aesthetic. By the time other winter holidays arrive, the brand identity is strong enough to carry through a new year of achieving company goals.


All of this combined makes November the ideal time to get ahead of the brand awareness game because analytics increase in value. More scrollers and clickers will provide data to refine branding further. Focus on those numbers and adjust accordingly, because engagement around this time of year is priceless information.


This is the time to ramp up social media marketing specifically. If elements are missing from your brand strategies, such as an outdated mission statement or an imprecise target market, now’s the time to fix it.


That could mean experimenting with different kinds of content based on those numbers. This could include creating more video content if you find it performs well or posting more Instagram quote graphics with seasonal elements because they drive leads.


The Season of Gratitude Arrives

November brings an atmosphere of gratitude. On top of the season of giving coming right around the corner, these emotions combine to make for emotionally involved consumers. With the season reminding everyone to be grateful, it’s an ideal time for a brand to express that sentiment across social platforms.


Expressing appreciation for a loyal customer base should happen regularly, but with the high screen time and grateful mentality, November is the month to increase the value of those posts. This combines with social good efforts, as customers want to be giving and make the world a better place as a rise in consumerism creates awareness of other issues.


For example, auto loan refinancing company RefiJet helped a community while branding itself. They created Project Our Town, where almost 100 employees fed 1,000 local families in a month. The value of this initiative was multifaceted — it supported the community while also informing the public how much they care about their core values of collaboration and passion, among others.


This is called cause marketing, which is when brand values create deeper connections to customers and solidify brand loyalty. Even if discussing a charitable initiative on Facebook doesn’t drive sales this season, people will remember the instance, reminding them of your brand in the future as an option for patronage.


A personality is crucial, and if that personality is willing to contribute positively to the world, making it a better place, then customers will flock — potentially without knowing what you even make in the first place.


The Benefits Continue Long After November

Cause marketing and analytics are powerful tools because it reminds companies, despite the upcoming holidays, it might be more advantageous to increase brand awareness through the brand itself instead of highlighting products and services. All this makes branding in November valuable because the benefits compound long after the month ends.


People who consume content from your brand in November will only keep that in their minds for the year to come. The greater the brand awareness now, the more likely they are to commit next year.


Though November is one month, see it as an opportunity to capitalize on an entire year. These are some of the benefits that this timely improvement in brand awareness will award:


  • Increased chances of people recommending the brand to friends and family
  • Higher likelihood they trust the brand as high quality and reputable
  • Better customer relationships and interactions online and in-person
  • Heightened chance of customers spending more or justifying higher prices


Especially if companies seek to achieve higher goals for profit or social followers, the momentum has to start now. Brand awareness lingers long after the marketing succeeds in other ways. With gatherings happening globally for the season, this continues to build through word of mouth and exchanges of gifts.


Enhance Brand Awareness in November

With more people on their screens in the colder months, November creates a prime landscape for honing in on a memorable brand awareness strategy. Analytics come in more significant numbers so brands can make informed decisions about where to allocate their resources on what’s performing more effectively.


Businesses can take this time to connect with their audiences more empathetically, making it a priority to solidify a personality that speaks for the values a company wants to exemplify. Then, the sales will come naturally.



Eleanor Hecks is the editor of Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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