Four Great Tips to Boost Your Brand-Building Efforts through Creative Packaging Design

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If Christmas movies are to be believed – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The outside is just an added bonus, one that is quickly discarded and just as easily forgotten.


Unfortunately, while idyllic, the above assumption is not as applicable in the real world. Here, packaging matters, especially in the world of business. Apart from their purchase experience, brand packaging is the first interaction consumers will have with a product. In a way, product packaging is like a first impression – something that is not to be taken lightly in the business world.


Thus, because of the hidden power it yields, packaging design is a path worth exploring, especially in the case of small businesses eager to establish their brand. In this article, we’ll take a peek at just some of the possibilities of boosting your brand through out-of-the-box packaging design!


1. Simplicity – the Secret of Successful Design

If you’ve ever skimmed an interior design magazine, you must have come across the notion of simplicity. In recent years, the less is more mentality has been the most notable design trend in everything from Paris couture to holiday table settings.


While it does come across as a trend like any other, there is something to be said in the favour of simplistic design. It is a welcome alternative to the swarm of visual cues that bombard us day in and day out. In other words, the simplistic design allows our minds to effortlessly center on the main message – something that great packaging should be able to do.


Therefore, regardless of the product hidden inside, brand packaging should remain simplistic. It should catch consumers’ attention and immediately inform them about the product, brand, and business. That way, each future interaction with the packaging will trigger a positive correlation making the brand easily recognizable and increasing business visibility.




2. Worth – the Relevance of the Right Design

Building a business from scratch is no easy feat. On the contrary, it comes with immense sacrifice, both personal and financial. Precisely because of this initial cost, most novel businesses are eager to save money wherever they can. As a result, most disregard the packaging design, rather opting to focus on the product itself. While this decision may seem logical at the start, it will cost the brand further down the road because the packaging is not a cost, it’s an asset.


As mentioned, attractive packaging design is the first impression that customers will have of your product. Investing in it will show your customer base that your product has value. Even before they test it, consumers will form a positive association with your product and thus with your brand. Therefore, even though packaging design is an initial expense, it will surely pay off further down the road.


3. Typography – the Confidence of Clear-Cut Design

More often than not, people overcomplicate relatively simple situations. The same may be said of packaging design. Thus far, this article has discussed the importance of simplistic design. However, there is another aspect to packaging in addition to brand illustration and that is typography – the style and manner in which messages are written.


When it comes to packaging typography, there is only one aspect worth considering – readability. In other words, will customers be able to read your brand name without breaking their necks? The brand name and message on the packaging should be written in a clear, simplistic, and straightforward font. In other words, overly complex cursive styles are highly discouraged.


Even though this may seem as if it will hurt the overall design, simplistic typography will ultimately do just the opposite. It will help customers easily interact with the brand, again establishing a fast and memorable connection, one that each and every business yearns for.


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4. Durability – the Security of Stable Design

Thus far, this article has made it a point that quality packaging is key to boosting a business brand. However, we’ve left out one important notion and that is durability. Namely, to find its way to the (hopefully) satisfied customer, the product and thus the packaging must be durable.


Therefore, before settling on a logo or font, businesses should consider the kind of product being transported and the method of transportation. If the package is to travel across continents and oceans, it needs to be composed of sturdy and durable materials.


Upon delivery, customers expect their products to be in excellent condition. Creating a package that keeps the product intact will create a trustworthy relationship between your business and customer base – a solid start for whatever is to come in the future.


Final Comments

If this article had one goal in mind, it was to show that details matter, especially in the business world. Innovative packaging design contributes an entirely different level to customer experience.


It creates expectations, builds trust, and above all forms relationships between a business and its customer base. After all, when is it a better time to think about packaging design than during the holiday season?


By Brigitte Evans

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