10 New Year Marketing Ideas for Amazon Small Businesses

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The New Year is an excellent chance for Amazon businesses to double down on marketing. It brings fresh ideas and perspectives they may not have considered before. Sellers must be quick on their feet to think up ways of spurring growth, be it in terms of traffic or sales. 


To help you out, here are ten marketing ideas you can execute for the New Year. Check them all out and choose what works for your store.


Fresh Strategies for Promoting Your Amazon Businesses in the New Year

1. Revamp Your Storefront


Your Amazon storefront may be a virtual place, but it’s the home of your online business and your products. It’s an essential element of your marketing strategy because you drive traffic here. 


That’s why it makes sense to start here, where it matters most. Revamp your Amazon store to reflect the excitement for the New Year. Update your copies and upload New Year-themed images, too. While you’re at it, get Amazon brand protection to improve your store’s discoverability and ensure your visitors see your product pages as authentic.


2. New Year Email Promotion


If you have email subscribers, create a newsletter that offers New Year discounts. This can be in the form of a coupon discount or a sitewide sale promotion. It’s also up to you whether to apply it to all of your products or selected ones. What’s important is to get into your customers’ inboxes and offer your product as a kick-start to the New Year.

To make the offer better, you have to relate it to their possible needs and wants. For example, if you sell a health drink, consider that a lot of your customers will make a New Year’s resolution to be healthy and fit.


3. Gift Guides


Giving gifts is usually a Christmas tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this for the New Year. So it’s still a good idea to offer a gift buying guide to help those who get frantic about it.


If you have a website with a blog, you can create a short article about giftable products and include your product in it. Tell them who would be the best person to give these items to and why you should give it to these people.


4. A “Look Forward” Campaign


A new year always brims with excitement. So if you have plans for your business, it’s an awesome idea to involve your customers. Ask them what product, features, or improvements they want to see in your business.


To do this, you can launch a “look forward” campaign. Use your business’s social media platforms to ask followers about their wishes. If you can throw in a little prize for those with the best answers, that’ll be great.


Soliciting your customer’s ideas through this marketing campaign can help you launch the right strategies that fit their preferences. You save a few brainstorming sessions and increase your chances of getting better results.


5. New Year Bucket List


People want to make the New Year exciting, so get your customers geared up for it with a bucket list.


List activities made even better by using your products. For example, if you sell outdoor gear, suggest a scenic bike ride or hike. Help them plan their adventure and provide a comprehensive guide of what they need to pack ahead of time—which includes your products to make sure they have the best gear at their disposal.


6. Heartfelt Gratitude Message


New Year’s is an excellent time to foster customer loyalty; a heartfelt thank you message can do just that. So write a message to your customers. Tell them you appreciate their doing business with you and you look forward to the continued relationship. 


A loyalty discount may also be in order so that they can feel valued for their continued patronage. Doing this can help grow your business in the long run.


7. A New Year-Themed Conversation on Social Media


New Year’s is a great time for people to reflect. Amid the light and festive mood, many sit down and think about what they want to achieve and how they can make things better.  


Grab that opportunity and engage them with conversation starters on social media. You can create a poll or post an open-ended question—for example, ask your followers what new experiences they look forward to the most this year. To up the ante, offer a prize to whoever has the best answer.


8. A Recap of the Year’s Best Content


Curating your best content not only for your followers but also for you to look back on what worked during the past year. Reviewing them will give you insights that will improve your content strategy for the next year.


To create a recap, look at your content analytics, sort them from the most popular to the least, and create a top 10 or a top 5 from the sorted list.


9. Launch a Social Media Contest


Earlier, we suggested spicing up engagement with a prize, but for this, you want to stage a full-blown contest. This alone can boost your brand’s awareness and engagement.


Your contest must be fun and engaging. So come up with a game you think your customers and potential buyers will be interested in. For example, you can host a photo contest that features your product. The winner or winners will get a significant discount or a freebie.


10. A Listicle of Relevant Products


If your products are timely for New Year’s, a listicle is a great way to showcase them while addressing your customers’ needs.


To make this listicle effective, be as detailed as possible about your product’s value. What specific New Year challenges or problems can they solve? What results can customers expect? For good measure, throw in some real consumer testimonials, too.


Reviewing your most relevant product also informs your business strategy. For example, you can use the top product and boost its sales in the next year using Amazon sponsored ad management and an excellent Amazon SEO strategy.


Digital Marketing Ideas That Bring Quick Benefits

We hope that these ideas help you get more business in the New Year. Whether your goal is to sell more products, engage your customers, or say thanks to your loyal patrons, these ideas will help you achieve your goals.


For more tips and ideas about business growth, explore our blog.

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