How to Use Social Media to Highlight Your Gym’s Personality

GYM Social Media Marketing


Now that the pandemic is behind us, gyms and fitness centers across the United States have opened their doors to the masses. That means gym marketing campaigns are ramping up, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to accelerate your gym’s growth, the following tips for marketing your gym on social media will propel you forward. 


Video: Make Use of Reels and Stories 

If you really want to make an impact on your potential clients, focus your efforts on short, yet impactful videos. There are countless ways to incorporate video into your social media gym marketing, but one of the hottest trends – and the one that people absolutely adore – is the “challenge” video. Gold’s Gym, a world leader in fitness, recently shared their “101 Reps” challenge via Instagram Reels. The post asked followers to share a video of themselves hitting their 101 reps, and it was a resounding success. 



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This sort of social media post is insanely successful because it challenges the viewer to do much more than hit those reps. It encourages them to engage with the post. Engagement satisfies the social media platform’s algorithm, and in turn, the platform shows your post to more people. Some other ways to drive engagement with video involve asking a question, gamifying your post, or even incorporating a bit of humor or shock factor. 


Get Your Existing Clients in on the Action



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Another common trend for social media gym marketing involves interviewing and photographing your existing clients, then sharing their stories and photos with the world. CrossFit made waves in February 2023 when they shared a video of 93-year-old “Super” Annie Holmes killing her workout routine. Planet Fitness even got in on the action! A young lady named Violet gave the world a humorous look at the transition from her first rep to her 50th. Word-of-mouth advertising is by far the most powerful form of marketing, and highlighting your existing clients on social media has much the same effect. 


If you have regulars who have been coming to you for years, ask them to tell the world why they love your gym in a quick 30-second video. You can also ask them for a quote and a photo that will capture viewers’ attention. Real statements from real people have a real impact when it comes to marketing, and you’re sure to have at least a few clients who would love the opportunity to be in the spotlight. 


Spread Some Positivity and Encouragement

While hardcore reps and sweat-inducing workouts might seem like great advertisement for folks who are already fit, it’s important to remember that you’re also marketing to people who haven’t been to the gym in years. As such, make sure that you share some inspiring positivity and encouragement now and then. The team at LA Fitness shared a heartwarming nine-second video featuring a few clients working out and the phrase, “The only right pace is your own.” This is the perfect marketing strategy for reaching new clients who may feel intimidated about going to the gym.


Many gyms make the mistake of believing that everyone in their photos or videos needs to be buff and trim. While that might attract people who are already fit and looking for a new challenge, it can actually have the opposite effect on people who want to lose weight or start gaining muscle – and that’s a major segment of your audience. Use positivity and encouragement now and then to ensure that your gym’s marketing strategy is inclusive. 


Highlight Your Gym’s Classes

As soon as businesses reopened in the post-pandemic world, people ran to their local gyms to participate in every sort of class imaginable. From Pilates and yoga to Zumba, Silver Sneakers, and more, hundreds of thousands of people flooded gyms and fitness centers across the country. That trend continues still today. Whether your gym offers one class or more than a dozen, make sure you include them in your social media marketing campaigns. LA Fitness regularly advertises its vast array of fitness classes on Facebook, and they remind their followers that there’s a class for everyone. 


In that same vein, personal trainers are in exceptionally high demand, so if your gym offers such a service, highlight it in your social media marketing. 24 Hour Fitness encouraged its Instagram followers to sign up for a free session to celebrate Training Day on March 11. Some gyms in smaller cities or less populated areas take to social media to advertise remote personal training services, as well. 


Social media is one of the most effective platforms for gym marketing, and without it, you’re neglecting a huge segment of your audience. Use Reels and Stories to your advantage, share some inspiration and positivity, and ask your existing clients and customers to help you spread the word by featuring them in a post all their own. Social media gives you the opportunity to be creative with your marketing, and in today’s world, it’s that creativity that will get you noticed.

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