The Importance of Concise Content for Digital Marketing and How to Create It

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Concise content is content that is short and briefly written but conveys its main crux effectively. In most settings and situations, concise content is very beneficial and helpful since it allows the readers to quickly understand the main idea without having to spend too much time reading the text.


Especially in digital marketing, this type of content plays a very important role. When the content used for marketing purposes is short and brief, it guarantees reader attraction and engagement. As a result, the marketing activity becomes more effective.


In this post, we’re going to look at the importance of concise content in digital marketing, and then we will look at how you can create it.


The Importance of Concise Content in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very vast and multi-branched field. There are different types and sub-types included in it, such as content marketing and email marketing.


Knowing about these various types is important since it helps in getting a better understanding of digital marketing as a whole.


Coming back to the point, let’s take a look at why concise content is important for digital marketing by understanding the following points:


1. Concise content helps the reader to save time


When the content used for marketing purposes is short and condensed, it saves the reader time. The reader does not have to skim through pages and paragraphs of lengthy texts. Rather, they can quickly yet carefully read through the few lines and understand it all.


When the reader has this type of experience with your content, it creates a positive impression in their minds. They become inclined to visit your site again and to become a regular reader of your marketing material.


Take an example.


Consider a brand that utilizes email marketing as a way to promote itself and the products/services it sells. If the emails it sends are short and to the point, they will have a better chance of being opened and read by the recipients.


On the other hand, if the email contains a whole essay elaborating on the greatness of the brand and its offerings, then it will have a greater chance of being deleted without a second glance.


2. Concise content is easier to create and publish


Digital marketing, in most cases, is about consistency. You have to create and publish content regularly so that your audience gets maintained exposure to information pertaining to your brand and its offerings.


If you focus on creating concise content, you can do it quickly. There won’t be too much of a hold-up in conducting elaborate research, writing long texts, etc. You can write out short pieces of text at a time and then publish them at opportune periodic intervals.


Consider the example of blogging in content marketing.


If you focus on creating short blogs (ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 words), you can make them a few at a time. Then, you can schedule them to be published on specific dates. That way, you will be able to complete a significant amount of work in less time.


3. Concise content is easier to optimize


Apart from consistency and quantity, quality is also an important element to consider in digital marketing. You have to make sure that the content you create is optimized for maximum readability and shareability, etc. (And for search engines, if applicable.)


When you write a lot of content, say a few thousand words for one piece, then you’ll find it difficult to optimize and polish. It will take up a lot of time and effort.


On the other hand, if you create short pieces of text, you can optimize them much more quickly. Even if you follow the tip we mentioned above and create multiple pieces of content at once, you will still find it easier to optimize them since you can do it as you go along and publish them one by one.


How to Create Concise Content for Digital Marketing

Now that we’ve looked at some factors that explain the importance of concise content, let’s take a look at how you can create it for yourself when the need arises.


1. Start your content writing process by creating an outline


Creating an outline and a rough map for the content can help keep it concise.


How exactly?


You won’t stray away from the main topic when you create an outline and follow it while writing the content. You won’t start talking about random and irrelevant stuff that could swell the size of the text.


When you make the outline, you should ensure that you stick to points that are strictly related to the topic you are writing about.


2. Keep your sentences short and use descriptive words


If you want to make your content concise, you should ensure that its sentences are short.


Actually, consider the sentence we just wrote to give you an idea of what this means.


If you want to make your content concise, you should ensure that the sentences in it are short.


Now, we’ve made this long because we’re trying to write this blog in a conversational manner. However, if you are trying to achieve true conciseness, you can make it shorter like:


Ensure that sentences are short to make content concise.


While this sounds a bit more direct and cuter, it is concise.


You should try and do the following:


  • Use active voice instead of passive voice
  • Keep the helping nouns and pronouns few and limited
  • Don’t add too much padding to your sentences in the form of adjectives and adverbs. Write only what is necessary.


Moving on, other than sentence length, you also have to focus on your word choice. You should use short and descriptive words so that your content length is not elongated due to unnecessary terms.


For example, the word “slouch” means to “sit or stand in a droopy manner.” If you write the whole latter phrase, it would make your content long. But if you chose the short word, it would make the content concise.


3. Use online AI summarizing tools where necessary


Sometimes, despite taking all the advised measures, you may make your content long without realizing it or helping it. It can happen somewhat frequently, and it is nothing to worry about.


In situations like this, you can get help from online tools to shorten your content. You can use an AI-assisted online summarizing tool to condense your long texts into shorter texts.


AI summarizing tools are mainly made to create summaries of long pieces of content, such as academic papers and blogs. However, you can use them on shorter texts as well. You can, so to speak, take a couple of paragraphs from your content and summarize them. Then, you can fit the shortened texts back into the main content. This way, you can adjust and reduce the overall length.


Here is a demonstration of how long texts can be summarized by an online AI tool. We will use here since we’re somewhat familiar with it and it has an accurate working:


ai summarizer


We’ve used a portion of this blog to give you a good idea of this. You can see the output and how nicely the tool has chipped away at the unnecessary bits while maintaining the meaning.



Concise content can play a very positive role in digital marketing. It is reader-friendly and easier to create on the marketer’s part.


In the post above, we’ve looked at some reasons why this type of content is important in marketing, as well as some steps you can follow to make some yourself.


You just have to create outlines for your content, keep your sentences short, and take help from an online AI summarizing tool when needed. That’s it.

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