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There are 46 million search results for “plastic surgery”, what are you doing to stand out?

There is no greater tool in the world of plastic surgeon marketing today than the internet. Websites, search engines, and social media are a part of the everyday life of a large portion of the population. What follows are some of the tools that can be offered to help you establish the strongest online presence possible for your plastic surgery practice. Marketing for plastic surgeons is important and we have the skill set to put together a results driven plan of attack.

What is your Practice’s Marketing Strategy?

Internet Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most highly used practices in the industry. Businesses without an internet presence are quickly fading into obscurity. Even small privately-owned businesses will focus on internet marketing before they will consider other more traditional forms.

The internet has done what economists and marketers have been trying to do for decades, by making global business not only feasible, but easy. Even very traditional fields, such as medicine, are finding that their business cannot exist on word of mouth and newspaper advertisements any longer.

Is your Marketing Set Up to Grow your Practice?

The demand for a strong internet presence is only going to grow in the future. The earlier an internet marketing plan is established, the easier it is going to be to upgrade it in the future whenever technology advances or the needs of your plastic surgery practice changes.

As the world becomes more connected and more mobile, being at the forefront of technology and marketing is, without a doubt, the most important decision that can be made for the future of any medical practice. Internet marketing is the future.

There is no question about that. All that remains is to take that first step to move your plastic surgery practice forward into that future. If you need help please don’t hesitate to email us at or call 866-250-4541.

Onpage SEO

Online marketing for plastic surgeons is important. As a plastic surgeon, you wouldn’t think of performing procedures on a patient without meeting them and discussing various options beforehand. The same principle applies when it comes to on-site search engine optimization (SEO).

Your plastic surgery website has to be 100% efficient and user-friendly before you can even think about engaging in any external marketing or link building campaigns.Using our on-site SEO services in conjunction with your practice’s website will help you achieve your pre-determined web marketing goals. A website that is search engine friendly and that has a clean design, custom crafted Meta information, correctly optimized content and the right image tags will be one that is highly responsive to all forms of external link building efforts and strategies.

Although SEO itself involves the process of rendering your website efficient and streamlined, the Optimization side of things is all about highlighting the potential products and services that your plastic surgery practice has to offer. Here at Brandignity, our professional on-site optimization service includes all of these elements, which means that your website will become as search engine friendly as possible – resulting in more organic traffic than ever before.

Recommendation Document

You will receive an SEO recommendation document, which will outline how every single change on your website needs to happen. This document is easy to read and understand, and it can be passed through to your developer so that he or she can apply everything to your site. We understand that not all plastic surgeons have permanent developers, which is why we provide the option of being able to do this for you at an extra cost. This will be discussed beforehand though.

Items Addressed Here Include:

  • Copy optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Sitemap creation
  • URL structure recommendations
  • Alt tag optimization
  • Conversion recommendations
  • SEO site recommendations

Offpage SEO

Our SEO link building service will help you with developing a balanced link-building campaign that has been designed to increase brand building and site rankings. It involves constructing a large network of relevant link pathways that will point to your site and help build industry authority.

As we perform your online marketing, we will build organic links in a manner that is 100% Google approved. Link building for SEO works by delivering the power required to get your website moving up the search ranks. Our link building service involves proactive branding and marketing, which has become essential in every type of business these days.

Website rankings alone will not build your plastic surgery site, but when used in conjunction with our brand and marketing services, you can look forward to having your business stand head and shoulders above others in the same industry.

What do you get monthly?

Custom Strategy

During the first month of an ongoing monthly SEO campaign, we will develop a 1 year SEO strategy – which is generally unheard of in our industry. However, our process is completely transparent, so you will be able to see everything we are doing beforehand. Each month, we will record all content, link locations, user names, passwords and campaign notes in one easy to view report for you.

Ranking Report

Our monthly ranking report will enable you to see which keywords are gaining or losing popularity. Owing to the fact that SEO is keyword-driven, it’s essential to have this information on hand regularly.

Ranking Report

If you provide us with access to your Google Analytics account, we will pull monthly data from it, which will enable you to see what is happening through your practice’s website. This will include everything from the most popular entry or landing pages, bounce rates and much more and it will allow us to see where we can help you as well.

A Dedicated Person

Here at Brandignity, you will never have to deal with unprofessional customer service departments. We will provide you with a dedicated person, a direct contact number and email address to assist you if you have any questions. If you are a plastic surgeon and you would like to find out more about our SEO services, get in touch with us today.

Website Design

The most important tool in the world of plastic surgery internet marketing is going to be an attractive, easy-to-navigate website. When potential patients are searching for information on a procedure or a practitioner, the first place they are going to check is a website. Having a user-friendly website is going to increase traffic. In addition, this provides your practice with a stable platform to begin your plastic surgery marketing plan with.

A plastic surgeons website should be able to:

  • Be informative on all your procedures
  • Have numerous videos showcasing your practice/procedures
  • A well maintained blog with various beauty related content
  • Trust building info such as association logos, schooling and patient testimonials
  • Well written content with SEO elements for maximum visibility
  • Multiple conversion points allowing visitors to turn into leads
  • Up to date design and coding

Your Social Media

A good social media presence is indispensible in this era, where everyone’s innermost thoughts are expressed in 140 characters, and their meals Instagrammed. The world revolves around social media. While the use of it will not be the same as it would be for a personal account, a business Twitter account is useful for keeping patients, current or new, informed as to happenings within the business. A Facebook or Instagram account can be used to display before and after photos (with the permission of the clients, of course).

Some ideas and strategies for plastic surgeon social media:

  • Daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Weekly blog writing
  • Daily office Instagram photos
  • A robust YouTube channel discussing beauty tips and your procedures
  • Social contests
  • Advertising on various social networking platforms

Google AdWords

There is no faster way to get to the top of the search results than Google AdWords. Our Google AdWords services can get your plastic surgery practice visible in front of your local or national audience with 24-48 hours of going live. It’s the fastest way to get in front of your new patients. We can also track all leads and phone calls so we can pin point your ROI.

A Google AdWords campaign for your plastic surgery practice can:

  • Can allow you to achieve visiblility very quickly
  • Build visibility to pages not ranking organically
  • Increase your practice leads
  • Increase your brand for services you do rank for organically
  • Allow you to custom tailor your messaging for specific procedure

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