Hire A Freelancer Or SEO Firm?

With SEO being such an important step in any businesses online approach many companies are sometimes left scratching their heads to where they should be looking and who they should be hiring to help them achieve their goals. Some businesses will fire up a search engine and pick a company with a budget using PPC and others will go straight for the freelance websites to find a single individual that might work by themselves or with one other. Which approach is better? Studies show that more and more big businesses are really starting to hire freelancers.


Why would I hire an SEO freelancer?


Let’s face it you are never going to get the negotiating power and flexibility of a freelancer in a big firm. Policies and procedures will often times get in the way of getting added services for very little cost. A freelancer will often times bend over backwards to really make sure you get the most bang for your buck simply because they work for themselves and like most freelancers they are probably trying to build up their clientele so they can move their home office out of their living room and into a small office with maybe another employee or two. A freelancer usually doesn’t have a portfolio of 20-30 active clients leaving them with a bit more time to pay extra special attention to your internet marketing needs. A larger firm that might have 15 employees or more will typically have a large client load allowing some clients to fall into the shadows.


Why hire a larger SEO firm?


There are positives and negatives to everything. You know that if you start working with a larger firm that they are most likely not going anywhere. A freelancer is very mobile and the possibility of one disappearing of the grid is always there. Sure a firm might lose an account executive but they usually get replaced very quickly. A firm typically sticks to every meeting date and deadline making sure that you never have anything to complain about. Not saying that freelancers don’t stick to deadlines but you sometimes do not know what you are signing up for when you go with a freelancer. If it is a larger firm that has been around for a while they most likely have the reputation behind them to back them up through almost any sticky situation that might present itself.The choice really comes down to your specific corporate culture and how you operate to run your business. Do you take the reputation of a big firm or the flexibility of a freelancer? Don’t be scared to test if your budget allows and see which works better for you in the long run.

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